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81150Lvivska obl., Pustomytivskyj r-n, s. Vynnychky, vul. Sonyachna, 9
Actual address:81150, Lvivska obl., Pustomytivskyj r-n, s. Vynnychky, vul. Sonyachna, 9
Telephone main:(067) 6000772
Contact Phone:(063) 6000772

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Products, services

- quad-tours short-term near Lviv
- Quadro tours of the day off near Lviv
- Quadro tours of the weekend in the Carpathians
- rent of arbors
- organization of corporate events, nature celebrations

If you miss the real adventures, bright impressions, then we have a super idea for you! - Quad bike riding off the road.

Whether in snow, in rain, winter or summer, ATVs will provide unforgettable emotions, a sense of freedom and a portion of adrenaline. Many dirt and marsh will add even more drive and enjoyment.

Safari-ATVs will give you and your merry company a sea of ​​new sensations and a powerful charge of energy, impressions that are memorable forever!

The quad bike is an amazing car that combines the best features of a jeep, a motorcycle and a tractor. Its element is sand, swamp, forest forests. For driving, modern, powerful off-road cars are provided: two-seater all-wheel ATVs of the brand BRP Outlander 400 max and CFMOTO CF500 2A

If you are a true connoisseur of travel and active recreation, then definitely go on quad bikes in an adventure safari tour. You can choose a tour around Lviv or go to the Quadro Park in the Carpathians in an exciting journey through the Carpathian ridges and marshy forests.

If you have a little time, but you want to add craziness and adrenaline in the routine, then you will come with a short drive ATV. The minimum walking time is 1 hour, during which you drive about 15 km.
It’s not necessary to go to the mountains to admire the scenery and defeat impassable off-road on a quad bike. You can enjoy nature and drive through the city at Kvadro Park, which is located in a hilly and picturesque area 15 kilometers from Lviv.

If you have never driven a quad bike - do not worry! - It’s easy to manage. Thanks to an automatic gearbox, even inexperienced drivers can handle the drive. Our instructors will be available for instruction and will accompany you on the route on a separate ATV.

- Protective clothing
- Protective equipment
- A helmet with a sub-shaft;
- Motor protection (turtle);
- Gloves;

On the territory of ”Quadro Park” there is everything for a comfortable stay: warm locker rooms, shower cabins. For summer holidays there are gazebos, lounge area, comfortable barbecue facilities and all necessary utensils.

Want to make a truly wonderful and enjoyable gift that would include a surprise, an interesting adventure and a host of incredible emotions that will remain in the memories forever?
Give a certificate on safari on off-road ATV and you will surprise and enjoy the blame for the celebration! What could be a better gift than bright impressions, an interesting adventure, incredible emotions and unforgettable memories?

Drivers for gifts are many, most interesting or popular:
- A gift to the employee
- A gift to your beloved or beloved
- A gift to a son or daughter
- Birthday gift
- A romantic journey

You can ride a whole company, together or with a family, organizing a bright and interesting outing for yourself and loved ones!

- Call the administrator and book a convenient time and day.
- It is desirable to register for the tour a few days before scheduled skiing.
- Come to the starting place depending on the selected tour (organize the transfer)
- Fill a quad stock rental agreement
- Get an insurance certificate (optional) and for an additional payment.
- Pass the safety instructions.
- After minor formalities - let’s go!

- Age of participants at the wheel not less than 18 years old. Passengers are past 10 years old.
- You do not need to have a driver’s license
- Do not have personal medical against the impressions.
- It is not allowed to ride a person in a state of alcohol or drug sleep
- During the tour categorically prohibits the use of alcohol.

- Season clothes, comfortable changing shoes. At will you will be given rubber boots.
- Have a passport and identification code with you
- BRP Outlander 400 max (double)
- CFMOTO CF500 2A (Double)

- Rent a quad bike
- Fuel
- Protective clothing
- Protective equipment
- A helmet with a sub-shaft;
- Motor protection (turtle);
- Gloves;
- Instruction on the rules of ATV management
- Support of the instructor on a separate ATV
- Lunch (for all-day round-trips)
- Entrance tickets for excursions

- Transfer to the starting point. Transfers are possible (the cost depends on the number of tourists)
- Personal expenses, souvenirs

- Lviv, ring road, village Vinnichka
- Place of the start of safari-tours is indicated in the tour plan

About Company


1. Safari tour ”Vinnichkivsky forest” - 1 hour (near Lviv)

Cost (for 1 quad bike) 800 UAH.
Additional passenger - 100 UAH
The maximum number of ATVs is 5.
The maximum number of participants is 10 people.
Average length of the route: 15 km

Sharp descents and ascents, puddles of dirt, steep twists between trees ... a fabulous forest cut by many beams and ravines ... the peak of a mysterious career is all for YOU in the route ”Vinnichkivsky Forest”.
Or you can choose a leisurely walks in the woods, contemplating the beauty of ravines and beams.
Unforgettable landscapes hidden from third-party eye trails and incredible descents to the bosom of nature through the dense forest are ready to submit to you.

Tour plan

2.Safari tour ”Gonchar Mountain” - 1 hour (near Lviv)

Cost (for 1 quad bike) 800 UAH.
Additional passenger - 100 UAH
The maximum number of ATVs is 7.
The maximum number of participants is 14 people.
Average length of the route: 15 km

Are you gambling and adoring to try something new, but for the first time you decided to ride a quad bike? Then the route through the Sholomin hills visiting the Gonchar Mountain is for you!
You do not just drive on a quad bike - you will enjoy the picturesque scenery and the fascinating panorama that opens on the hilly slopes of Golorry.

Plan tour

3.Safari tour ”Adrenalin” - 1 hour 30 minutes (near Lviv)

Cost (for 1 quad bike) - 1200 UAH.
Additional passenger - 100 UAH.
The maximum number of ATVs is 5.
The maximum number of participants is 10 people.
Average route length: 20 km

Are you looking for new emotions and bright impressions? Have you conquered fear and self-doubt for a long time? - Route ”Adrenaline” This is exactly what you need!
We will bring you an exciting world of adventure and drive.
By conquering the impassable off-road, overcoming the sharp ascents and descents, passing tall trees, insidious bushes, which will constantly require attention and concentration, you will enjoy the quadricycle self-control and your small and big victories.

Plan tour

4.Safari - ATV Tour - ”Off-Road to Kamul Mountain” (near Lviv)

Cost (for 1 quad bike) -3300 UAH.
Duration of the tour is 7 hours.
The length of the route is 70 km
The maximum number of ATVs is 7.
The maximum number of participants is 14 people.

Unforgettable landscapes of the Gologorsk range, forests, impassable swamps, extreme areas - all this in a quad bike trip to Kamuli Mountain, the highest peak of the Podillya Upland. This trip will be a real adventure for you, and emotions and experiences will be remembered forever.
Find out about Lviv not only as a historic city, streets of which are filled with ancient charm, but as a city with beautiful landscapes and pristine corners of nature.

Tour Plan

5.Safari - Quad bike tour ”Devil’s Rock - a mystery of history” (Near Lviv)

Cost (for 1 quad bike) - 3000 UAH.
Duration of the tour - 5 hours.
Length of the route: 45 km
The maximum number of ATVs is 5.
The maximum number of participants is 5 people.

You will feel yourself as the true conqueror of the forest elements, having visited the two monuments of Lviv’s nature, the Honey Cave and the Devil’s Rocks.
This is a difficult, busy route for people with a passion for victory and a desire to get the fountain of adrenaline in the blood. It passes exciting descents, difficult ups, an impenetrable swamp of the forest ravines of Vinnikov Forest.
Around Lviv there are many places worth visiting, two of them you can see in our tour.

Tour plan

6.Safari - a quad bike tour ”Mountain ranges to the medieval fortress Tustan”. (Carpathians)

Cost (per 1 ATV) -5000 UAH.
The tour duration is 9 hours.
Length of the route: 75 km
The maximum number of ATVs is 6.
The maximum number of participants is 12 people.

We invite you to a safari tour on quad bikes with the Eastern Beskydy to the rocky city of the fortress Tustan. The main decoration of the Carpathians is, of course, the mountains themselves. The quad bike combines cross-country benefits and allows you to get to the picturesque highlands with a minimal amount of power in a short time. Mountain serpentines, narrow forest paths, ravines, waders and swamps, logs and depressions - all this will not be a barrier to quad bike.
An adventurous journey with extraordinary views from the Tsukhovsky ridge and Komarnytsky mountains awaits you, an exciting tour of the remnants of the medieval defense complex Tustan and a delicious lunch of Carpathian dishes.
The safari-tour on the motorcycles of the Carpathians will give you everything that you can expect from an active trip - this is the incredible beauty of the mountains and mountain ranges, and extreme from descents and lapping on the ridges, and the pleasure of winning the forest bog and enjoying spending time with family ones , friends or loved ones.

Tour plan


  • 77.39 — Leasing of other machinery, equipment and goods, n.v.d.g.
  • 77.21 — Rental of goods for sports and recreation
  • 77.29 — Rental of other household goods and personal consumption
  • 93.21 — The functioning of amusement and theme parks
  • 93.29 — Organization of other recreational activities
  • 46.90 — Non-specialized wholesale trade
  • 47.11 — Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages and tobacco


Head:Buchynska Zoriana Mykhailivna

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