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Photo — ABACUS ARITHMETIC, PLATFORMA MENTALNOI ARYFMETYKY ”Abacus Arithmetic” provides a range of services for the implementation of teaching methods ”Mental Arithmetic”.

We offer:
- online teaching of teachers to teach in individual and group format;
- training support portal ”Abacus arithmetic”, which helps to organize the learning process and includes a convenient MA simulator;
- methodical materials for teaching the MA course;
- checklists and supporting materials to launch a set of MA groups;
- ”live” counseling in online format on the launch of the MA course;
- online education of children in individual and group formats.

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Today, in order to achieve high results in education, career and business, only one activity had to prosper. It is necessary to develop comprehensively, to activate the work of both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, to create new connections between them. An excellent method will be mental arithmetic, which is not only a mathematical concept, but also a way of self-improvement through simple mathematical calculations.

Abacus Arithmetic is a 100% Ukrainian project created by a team of people who have collaborated with various schools of mental arithmetic as franchisees.
Our experience with MA started in 2015!
We are professionals not only in teaching mental arithmetic. Our team includes professional psychologists, teachers, mentors of alternative education, doctors.
When creating the Abacus Arithmetic project, we relied on our many years of experience in studying and teaching this subject.

When developing lesson plans, we made sure that:
- classes contributed to the comprehensive development of children;
- served to restore psycho-emotional balance;
- were a preventive and, if necessary, corrective program.
Therefore, we consulted with professional pediatric neurologists, neurophysiologists, neuropsychologists.

Understanding the deep philosophical, value, teaching, and educational foundation behind the mechanics of mental arithmetic, we created the Abacus Arithmetic project to share this wisdom with as many people as possible.

Combining it with innovative technologies, health physical and respiratory practices, the technique has become a holistic system for:
- training,
- development,
- education,
- corrections and acquaintance with the culture of countries in which mental arithmetic is part of the educational process in general secondary school.

We are moving forward and evolving together with ABACUS ARITHMETIC .


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