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Photo — СARGO120, INTERNATIONAL CARGO DELIVERY We offer the following services:
1) Packing of different types of cargo for reliable transportation
We will select the corresponding container and we will pack fragile goods for reliable transportation in various conditions;

2) Delivery and shipment of goods in China and Ukraine
We will pick up cargo from any point of China and we will deliver it to any region or the city of Ukraine;

3) Registration of export documents
We will issue export documents for shippers in case of VAT refund;

4) Search and purchase of goods in online stores in China
We will select a supplier for you according to your criteria;

5) Redemption of goods
Purchase of goods in China at the expense of the company is subject to full payment of the goods upon receipt of the goods;

6) Inspection of goods
We will check the cargo in case of individual purchase by the client of goods from factories and online stores.

Delivery methods:
- air delivery;
- delivery by sea;
- fast railway.

Advertising information

Do you need to reliably and efficiently deliver turnkey cargo from China, Korea, Europe or the USA? After all, among Ukrainian entrepreneurs the service of international delivery of goods is popular and in demand. This requires a lot of time, effort, knowledge of the law, languages ​​and features of the market. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the professionals of Cargo120, which has extensive practical experience in international cargo delivery to Ukraine.

The main task - the organization of prompt delivery of goods to Ukraine with minimal costs.

Why choose us?
1) Exact observance of the agreed terms of delivery;
2) Low rates for transportation for any mode of transport - more profitable than most other carriers;
3) Compliance with obligations to pay financial compensation;
4) No hidden fees and surcharges.

Warehouses and offices are located in key locations of trade routes: China (Beijing, Guangzhou), Korea (Incheon), Europe (Poland), USA (Delaware) and Ukraine (Kiev). We deliver goods ”door to door”. We pick up the goods anywhere in the sending country.

Grow your business on the most favorable terms by entrusting the international delivery of goods to Cargo 120.


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