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Photo — FAKHVERK-LVIV, KOMPANIYA We offer construction of energy-efficient wooden houses using German technology Fachwerk. Finished houses with or without interior decoration. PIR premium insulation is the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient wall insulation.

For your comfort, we control at all stages:
- select the most optimal land plot;
- develop an individual project;
- build an energy efficient house in the style of Fachwerk;
- implement the boldest ideas in landscape design;
- apply modern design solutions inside the house;
- we will embody all plans in repair and finishing works.

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Do you dream of your own home, where your family will live happily? Without the noise of cars, city bustle, dirty air, where is more nature and comfort?

Fehverk-Lviv is a company that will make your cherished dream of an ideal private house a reality. We use proven reliable methods that are combined with progressive trends and inventions in construction. For the construction of frame houses we use environmentally friendly materials, energy efficient technologies and structural elements from proven manufacturers.

Thanks to perfectly cut structural elements of a framework, our professional crews assemble the house in the shortest possible time. Assembling the set of the house takes approximately 30 days.

We invite everyone to visit the exhibition house with. Navariya, Pustomyty district (10 km from Lviv).

You have planned - ”Fehverk-Lviv” realizes all your ideas into reality!


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