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Photo — DROGOMYRETSKA GALYNA, PSYKHOLOG Individual work with clients:
- depression, apathy, search for meaning;
- low self-esteem, self-doubt;
- loneliness;
- relationships with others;
- psychological support of the seriously ill, assistance to their relatives;
- stress, emotional burnout, chronic fatigue;
- search for balance in life;
- issues of personal and professional growth;
- coaching for young managers;
- experience of grief, loss of a loved one. Support during the burning process;
- psychosomatics;
- panic attacks, anxiety, fears.

Psychotherapy with families and couples:
- disharmony in relationships;
- counseling and support of a young couple;
- crisis periods, betrayal, divorce;
- violation of family functions and roles.

I conduct trainings according to author’s programs:
- stress and methods of dealing with the consequences;
- time management - the art of time management;
- meditation - the path to self through awareness;
- emotional intelligence.

I run support groups for people in crisis.

In my work I strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics of a psychologist, the principles of neutrality, confidentiality and psychological secrecy.

I work in the format of personal meetings and online.

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Do you feel that you have lost the meaning of life, you cannot find a way out of a difficult situation on your own, it is unbearably painful for you to keep the experience and you do not know who to turn to for help?

I, Drоhomyretska Halyna - a practicing psychologist, art therapist, coach, work in the method of systemic family psychotherapy and can help you. I have been practicing since 2008. Member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists.

I understand that sometimes it is not easy or even impossible to deal with problems on your own. That is why, contact me, and together we will find a way out of the situation, a way to cope with any experiences, we will go all the way to overcome your most difficult periods of life.

The consultation takes place within the framework of confidentiality.


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79000, m. Lviv
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