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Photo — DNISTER-KRUIZ NA KORABLI YURIJ We offer you to choose one of two types of cruise - day or day.
Guests choosing the daily cruise are offered overnight accommodation on board or in tents on the shore of Rakovec port.
The ship can only be booked for a full tour for 10 people. There are no national teams.

- three double cabins, two quadruple rooms, one double room, cabins;
- kitchen with gas stove, fridge, kettle;
- shower, toilet, towels, bed;
- a deck for relaxation with deck chairs and a hammock;
- fishing and picnic decks;
- TV and WI-FI.

First day
11:00 - Arrival at Rakovec Port;
12:00 - start of cruise on Yuri ship;
12:30 - the ruins of Rakovets Castle;
14:00 - Nevzyvsky Bridge;
15:00 - p. Isaac;
17:00 - p. Monasteries, the source of ”Maiden’s Tears”;
19:30 - return to the port of Rakovets;
19: 30-23: 00 - rest in Port Rakovets restaurant.
Second day
07:30 - cruise to the village of Unizh;
08:30 - Island of Down;
9:30 - three Poplar;
10:30 - return to port;
10: 30-12: 00 - rest in the port ”Rakovets”.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu - 1500 UAH. person; Fri, Sun - UAH 1600; Sat - 1700 UAH
The price of the tour includes a two-day cruise, excursions, the author’s kitchen, accommodation on the ship. Order for 10 people. Ivano-Frankivsk region, Gorodenkovsky district, Rakovets village.

During the cruise, our guests will be offered five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, lunch, noon, dinner.
11:00 - restaurant Port Rakovets, operative: lemon-cake on Rakovetsky 500 ml.
Canapes with sun-dried neck 10 pcs. (prosciutto, gherkin, olive), canapes with sausage (salami, cherry tomatoes) 10 pcs., canapes with cheese (camembert cheese, grated cheese, arugula) 10 pcs.
12:30 - restaurant Ship Yuri:
Salad with salted salmon and minced cheese 1200 gr., Vegetable slicing with dressing 1000 gr., Sailed in Uzbek 3500 grm.
3:00 pm - Second lunch:
Bograch 3500 grm.
6:00 pm - Dinner:
Barbecue 2000 kg., Grilled vegetables 3000 kg., Stew 10 liters, bread 1000 grm.
Second day:
Yuri’s ship
08:00 - first breakfast:
Strudel with ice cream - 10 servings, tea, coffee.
11:00 - the second breakfast, Rakovec port:
Ear - royal (salmon, dorado, pike, carp) 2500 grm., Canapes with salted salmon 10 pcs., Bread, stew.

Here you can unforgettably celebrate any important event - we guarantee good service and a great atmosphere.

It is possible to purchase a gift certificate.

Advertising information

The Yuriy ship is a unique project that will allow you to spend an unforgettable vacation on the Dniester River.

Rest on this ship implies:
- cruise for two days;
- living in a cabin;
- delicious food;
- an additional service.

If you are bored with a monotonous vacation in Bukovel, a vacation in Yaremche and other popular Ukrainian resort destinations, all tours to Bukovel, despite a lot of attractive offers, do not cause particular emotions, searches for the phrase ”Vacation Bakota” do not please the attractive results or you just want to spend time not only very good, but non-standard, then pay attention to a cruise tour of the Dniester Canyon on the ship ”Yuriy”.

This Ship is an author’s project and has no analogues in Ukraine, not beyond its borders. Of course, the classic alloys on the Dniester have long enjoyed great popularity, but the things we offer do not have anything to do with them.

The Yuriy ship is a cruise ship that can provide comfortable rest and give a lot of unique emotions that you will not be able to offer classic tours to Bukovel or any other vacation on the Dniester, the prices of which can be significantly higher.

First and foremost, we offer a unique, interesting two-day cruise program, which you can see on the official website. Also, all our customers will enjoy delicious food - the dishes we offer are in no way inferior to the gastronomic inventions of the best restaurants Bukovel.

Also, pay attention to the optimal cost of recreation on the ship ”Yuriy” - if even the simplest vacation in Bukovel prices can be extremely high, then we offer on the river Dnister rest of the highest class at a very low price.

Rest with us and change your world!


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78114, Ivano-Frankivska obl., Gorodenkivskyj r-n, s. Rakovets
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