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Photo — PRODAZH OPOR OSVITLENNYA We offer a large assortment of modern lighting supports:
- lighting support;
- street lighting support;
- park stands;
- support of external illumination;
- metal supports of lighting;
- lantern pillars;
- galvanized pillars;
- installation of lighting.

Modern pillars for lighting: parks, alleys, parking lots, shopping malls, business centers, pedestrian crossings, playgrounds, sports facilities, private areas, etc.

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Today, the lighting of cities and industrial areas is a component without which it is difficult to imagine normal functioning.
High-quality light equipment ensures the safety of passers-by and drivers in the late hours of the day, as well as in places with poor visibility.

Pillar Electric is a company dedicated to the production of modern street lighting supports only for high-quality production at affordable prices.
We attach great importance to the quality of products, we observe from which materials it is created. All elements and the support are painted with powder paint, in order to prevent metal corrosion of liquid maintenance of the support surface of the lighting. Therefore, it allows our customers and partners to be confident in its reliability and durability.

Our products are manufactured at our own production facilities in Lviv.

We offer the whole spectrum of providing of external illumination from manufacture to installation and connection to electric networks.

Our managers will advise you and help you make the most optimal decisions about the choice of lighting supports.

We provide a guarantee:
- for products: 60 months;
- on LED lamps: 24 months.


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79021, m. Lviv, vul. Kulparkivska, 93, of. 1
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