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If you have a difficult period now and you need professional support, or you just need to talk with confidence, talk, knowing what is said between us, I’m ready to listen and hear you at an on-line consultation in Lviv or online.

After all, practically all of us meet, both with bright, bright and joyful sides of life, and with difficulties of varying complexity that can injure or even break, rebuild, teach, strengthen, expand and stimulate personal growth. It all depends on how we manage to handle them.

Sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to cope on its own. One of the main benefits offered by the psychologist’s clients is the ability to go through the most difficult periods of their lives with professional support.

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I work with the following customer requests:

- grief, loss of meaningful person;
- stress and depression;
- difficult life situations;
- feelings of guilt;
- anxiety;
- undervalued self-esteem;
- chronic fatigue, exhausted resources of the individual;
- problems of adaptation;
- difficulty in making decisions;
- difficulty in communicating;
- existential problems, loss of life;
- the question of self-knowledge and self-realization;
- issues of creative search and personal growth, etc.

Cost of consultation - 450 UAH.


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79017, m. Lviv, vul. Tarnavskoho, 59
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