Registered address:79066m. Lviv, vul. Sykhivska, 26
Actual address:79066, m. Lviv, vul. Sykhivska, 26
Telephone main:(032) 2217226
Contact Phone:(032) 2222059, (067) 7372845

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Full range of services veterinarian. Call a doctor. Round the clock assistance.

- ultrasound, electrocardiogram, laboratory microscopy

- fixation, orthopedic, chiropractic teramiya

- treatment of viral infections, laparoscopic surgery, resuscitation
- treatment of dogs, cats, chinchillas, birds, and rodents.

 - abdominal operations of varying difficulty (castration, sterilization, removal of tumors, etc.)
- bone surgery
- cosmetic surgery.

HELP 24/7:
- hour doctor on call

- Grooming of dogs and cats may be exhibition, model, home or hygienic.
- Chypuvannya dogs and cats.

Advertising Information

We treat animals more than 10 years! Activities Veterinary Clinic develops first in the field of veterinary services and consultations. Pride - is not only a good veterinary clinic is a veterinary facility. Highly qualified staff vetkliniky and accumulated experience - a first-class quality veterinary care.

Constantly developing and improving we achieve great success in many areas of veterinary medicine, as evidenced by our range of services: Pet therapy, surgery, traumatology, cardiology, physical therapy, laparoscopy, laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound, vaccinations, dentistry, consulting services.

Veterinary clinic ”Pride” is always ready to provide emergency help your pet, working without days off!

Our veterinary pharmacy is always not only modern veterinary and medical supplies, but also a large number of related products (medicinal feed additives, vitamins) and cosmetics.

If the animals need urgent help desk can use the services Emergency veterinary care. Our experts previously prokonsultuvavshy you on the phone will come to your home, which will diagnose and provide first aid. If required surgery, they specially equipped vehicles deliver your pet in the center.


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Registered address:79066, m. Lviv, vul. Sykhivska, 26
Actual address:79066, m. Lviv, vul. Sykhivska, 26
Telephone main:(032) 2217226
Contact Phone:(032) 2222059, (067) 7372845


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