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Photo — YAMAGUCHI, MASAZHNE OBLADNANNYA You can buy from us:
- massage chairs;
- office massage chairs;
- massage capes;
- massage pillows;
- massage mattresses;
- complex massage tables;
- foot massagers;
- massagers for the head, eyes and neck;
- chairs for massage;
- orthopedic rug and chair;
- fixed massage tables.

- fitness equipment: electrodes to myostimulants, a set of elastic bands for fitness, walking sticks, sports roller, myostimulant for the press, myostimulant for buttocks, treadmill;
- beauty products: roller massager for face and body, mirror with LED illumination, device for skin care, ultrasonic cleaner for face.

Advertising information

Company YAMAGUCHI- the largest producer of high-grade massage technique, which purpose - to improve the level of comfort of everyday life. Products ”Yamaguchi” was created for people who strive for excellence.

Today, our company is at the forefront of sales in value and speed, wide dealer network, the size of the production warehouse and service center among firms representing the massage industry.

Tens of thousands of our customers are happy to use the massage YAMAGUCHIproducts.

YAMAGUCHI - the best of the best!


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04210, m. Kyiv, vul. Geroiv Stalingradu, 8, korp. 5
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