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Products, services

- Massage Chair;
- Physiotherapy chair;
- Massage tables;
- Massage cape;
- Massage cushion;
- Massage Beds;
- Orthopedic pillows;
- Head Massager;
- Massage for the neck;
- Foot Massagers;
- Healthy Spine;
- Fitness Equipment;
- Seats for massage;
- Body Massager;
- Beauty Products;
- Accessories;
- Health with tourmaline.

Advertising information

US MEDICA, LLC - is the largest US manufacturer of massage equipment, which is a leader in production technology, product quality and service level. But are the features that cause exceptional pride - more than 90% of buyers are products of US MEDICA loyal following products!

Online shop is the official representative of US MEDICA LLC., USA in Ukraine. All equipment is represented in our shop, comes directly from the manufacturer

US MEDICA, LLC has enormous resources, such as their own factories, international relations, logistics department, which allows you to independently deliver products of the manufacturer. These factors provide a wide range of products, high quality, best price and delivery time. Powerful, high-tech production lines equipped with the latest generation of automatic and modern optimization programs ..

All products have the official warranty of 1 year from producer. This means that even in case of failure, repair your device will be held as soon as possible by specially trained certified professionals.

Particular attention is given to parameters such as quality and price. We want them to be in a reasonable ratio as trying to meet the needs of a diverse population.

All products are US MEDICA passed state tests and certification in Ukraine. The company’s products successfully participated in many international exhibitions where many awarded honorary diplomas.

We believe that opening up the Ukrainian market high-quality global brands that meet the highest standards, we improve living standards and strengthen the health of our nation!

We always care about you and remember!

Marketing information

Trade marks
US Medica (США)
Fujiiryoki (Японія)
Yamaguchi (Японія)


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Update date03.07.2020
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04210, m. Kyev, prosp. Heroes of Stalingrad, 8, korp. 5
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