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Photo — GREEN LIGHT, ECO PACKAGE, PAPER BAGS Packing your products with the image of an advertising logo is a wonderful and effective form of advertising that works to promote your products. We offer you this kind of packaging, such as:
- eco kraft bags (different color scheme);
- packages ”sachets”, ie in grain products, meat products, etc. etc .;
- coated packages;
- boxes in any products;
- eco bags.

And do not forget that with this package, you do not just provide a good sale, but also care for the environment and the health of our children.

Advertising information

The company ”Green Light” was founded 20.06.2013 year. During this short period we have achieved a lot:
- Adjusted the production of environmentally friendly packaging (packages) of the highest quality;
- Cooperation with the 15 th advertising companies;
- Our partners are 75 active wholesale customers that with us care about the environment Ukraine, through eco-bags.
- Application packages for any company logo on it will;
- Production of eco-advertising packages with your company logo at the minimum print runs (from 100 units to infinity);
- We guarantee our clients a variety of creative solutions at reasonable prices;
- The duties of our department professionals is a constant search for ways to improve and upgrade our products and the process of its production;
- We are happy to answer your questions, offer tips on what material according to the chosen model, make better products, call cost and production time, as well as obtaining the order.

Brand awareness created by the details, especially details such as packaging. Paper bags with print and without, with logos or laminated are now very common. Good paper bag with your logo and contact - an ideal advertising tool that works for you at any time and in any place. A qualitatively applied to the paper bag image will be the hallmark of your company and not only make the brand more recognizable, but also strengthen the good impression of purchase.

We are the manufacturers directly. Therefore, buying paper bags with us, you get excellent quality at an affordable price. Here you can order printed paper bags with your company logo. And if you’re not sure which package you need, you can order free samples to make sure that get exactly what you need.


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