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Photo — N-GROUP, BUDIVELNA KOMPANIYA We offer the following services:
1) Inspection of buildings and structures (examination):
- on determining the degree of damage to salts (chemical analysis) of building structures;
- to determine the sources of collapse of the building with the setting of the level of collapse (W%);
- for the damage of building constructions by house fungus, mold, moss and other factors of biological corrosion.
2) Assessment and determination of the residual bearing capacity of the main constructions of buildings and structures;
3) Design of repair and sanitation technologies;
4) conducting of waterproofing works;
5) Carrying out repair and sanitary works;
6) Works on reinforcing bearing structures with composite materials;
7) Works on the restoration of concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
8) Closure of cracks of various origins in stone and concrete (reinforced concrete) structures;
9) Works with the use of special concretes and solutions (pouring masses, mixes for anchoring, super-hardening mixtures, heavy concrete, etc.).

We also offer building materials:
- plasticizers;
- superplasticizers;
- accelerators of the set of strength;
- retarder;
- additives with anti-frost effect;
- additives for self-compacting concrete;
- additives against vysoliv;
- complex additives;
- dyes (pigments) for concrete;
- anti-seizures.

- tapes S & PCFK - LamellenSheet;
- have S & PCSheet.

- mineral (polymer-cement) waterproofing;
- bitumen (bituminous-polymeric) waterproofing;
- injection (chemical) waterproofing;
- systems of blockade of local leaks (fistulae);
- gel waterproofing systems;
- injection epoxy (polyurethane) waterproofing systems.

- blends for gravy;
- solutions for upholstery;
- fast-caking solutions for gravy;
- pouring mixes with dispersed reinforcement;
- super-hardening fluid and plastic solutions;
- solutions for anchoring and injection;
- solutions for filling structural joints in prefabricated construction.

- solutions for hydrophobicization;
- protective paints for concrete;
- cement slurry;
- mineral sealing suspension.

Advertising information

The company ”N-GROUP” specializes in solving non-standard construction tasks related to water protection, repair and reinforcement of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, restoration of historical development.

The basic approach of the company’s work is to carefully use the carefully selected and efficiently-working special materials, as well as professional advice from our highly skilled specialists.

Our specialists carry out construction expert assessments, develop technical documentation, make technological maps for repair and restoration works, provide technical support, and carry out research works.

We are the official representatives in Ukraine of such leading foreign manufacturers of building chemistry:
- PAGEL SPECIAL-BETON & CO, KG (Pagel - Germany);
- RETHMEIER from the SCHOMBURG group (Germany);
- S & P REINFORCEMENT (Switzerland, USA).



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79060, m. Lviv, vul. Naukova, 7a
Postal address
79026, m. Lviv, a/s 6571
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