Registered address:18016m. Cherkasy, vul. Gorkogo, 27/6
Actual address:18016, m. Cherkasy, vul. Gorkogo, 27/6
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About Company

Head:Makodzeba Yuliia Viktorivna — director
Number of employees:10

Banking details

EDRPOU code:38595522

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

- Design, installation and maintenance of fire automation;
- Recharging and maintenance of fire extinguishers;
- Implementation of fire extinguishers and equipment use;
- Education on fire safety and others.
- Lightning

- Fire extinguisher
- Dielectric Materials
- Isolation valves
- Signs of safety
- Completing to PG
- Fire column hydrants
- Fire panels, stands
- Fire Hose
- Sleeve equipment
- Fire Equipment
- Cases fire

Advertising Information

Our company is specialized in providing services to fire-fighting purposes.

For the execution of works licensed State Department of Fire Safety Emergencies of Ukraine AE series number 184362.

We carry out the following activities:
- Design of fire (water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol ), fire alarm, fire alarm and evacuation, send alarm notifications, lightning protection devices, fire protection of structures ;
- Installation and maintenance of systems, fire alarm, fire alarm and evacuation, communication equipment alarm messages ;
- Maintenance of the primary means of fire ( powder, gas fire extinguishers ) ;
- Assessment of the state of the fire sites.

In addition, we sell products fire-fighting purposes : fire extinguishers, fire tools and equipment, as well as provide training in fire safety issues, we carry out all types of insurance, particularly against fire risks, through JSC ” Ukrainian Fire Insurance Company ”, CJSC ”Insurance company ”Universal policy” which have signed agency agreements.


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Inside information

Profile edited:Makodzeba Yuliia Viktorivna — director
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Registered address:18016, m. Cherkasy, vul. Gorkogo, 27/6
Actual address:18016, m. Cherkasy, vul. Gorkogo, 27/6
Telephone main:(0472) 722268
Contact Phone:(067) 4437825, (063) 4970840
Fax:(0472) 722218


Coordinates: 49.426553, 32.096305

Branches, representative offices

Department of PE ”FIRE EXPERT» in Kremenchug
Phone: (068) 066-86-46, (097) 319-77-67
e-mail: krem2016@i.ua

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