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- Burgomistr Pilsner
light beer brewed by classic German recipe, has a rich malty taste with a light aroma of hops zhatetskoho.
- Burgomistr India pale ale
light amber classic American Peyl Eyl with intense hop aroma and dry after taste. This beer stands out among others in that process of preparation used ohmelennya cold.
- Burgomistr Lager
solomyanoho beer color, has a delicate shade of barley in taste and rich hop note.
- Burgomistr Golden ale
variation ale. Welded technology for Belgian beer has a golden color, rich malty taste and a light hop bitterness and aroma.
- Burgomistr Wien
dim beer.

In the process of making all our varieties of beer fermentation substances are not used, as beer is not filtered and heat treatment - thus preserving the unique taste of fresh beer

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In the mid-19th century in Lviv, more or less successfully operated several breweries. In addition to the largest, the tradition is sometimes called ”Jesuit” in Klepariv, near, in Zhovkva suburb (so-called Paparivtsi) acted Brovar old middle-class family Kyselkiv. In addition to the brewery, suburban possession of this family were famous laid next to the park and its ponds. These rates soon gained outstanding popularity as a place for therapeutic water treatments local nobility. The owner of this magnificent complex, Carol Kyselka, for ’31 (from 1849 to 1880) was elected Radna Lviv and was famous for his patronage. From his expense in 1885 was built military casino at st. Fredro (now Chess Club), baths for the needs of the city, and on specially marked money (PLN 2,000 - a respectable sum in those times!) In 1876 and 1880 at the prestigious school of St. Martin could learn two boys and two girls. Today on the site of an institution located Kyselok Lviv plant ”Halychpharm” but among its office buildings are recognized and those that were built during the existence of the then Brovary.

In the late 19th century in Lviv, there were 13 breweries. According to historical sources, one of the most popular and most successful company Lviv brewers was Brown. That’s where they cooked the so-called famous English beer and porter, that is strong and heavy grades of intoxicating drink. And over the years, whether it has changed the fashion for beer, or other brewery became worthy competitors, but Brovar Brown began to slowly decline, and eventually went bankrupt.

Was then the custom was to name the company name owner. It was not only a tribute to an old (perhaps even by the time the craft opened) tradition, but also quite fair approach, since profitable business was private property, which passed each subsequent generation of heirs and rarely sold.


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Registered address:79000, m. Lviv
Actual address:79000, m. Lviv
Telephone main:(067) 6768691


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