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79059m. Lviv, vul. Shchurata, 10, k. 35
Actual address:79020, m. Lviv, prosp. Chornovola, 63, of. 214
79020, m. Lviv, prosp. Chornovola, 63, of. 214
Telephone main:(032) 2901838
Contact Phone:(067) 9724350

About Company

Head:Senko Mykola Mykolajovych — director
Bookkeeper:Polyshenkova Anna Valeriivna
Year of foundation:2012
Number of employees:5

Banking details

EDRPOU code:37964600

Working hours

Monday: from 10:00 to 19:00
Tuesday: from 10:00 to 19:00
Wednesday: from 10:00 to 19:00
Thursday: from 10:00 to 19:00
Friday: from 10:00 to 19:00
Saturday: from 10:00 to 19:00

Enterprise activity


KVED activity type

  • 69.10 Activities in the field of law

Products, services

Registration, Legal support of business, accounting support business lawyer, a professional attorney in Lviv, defense counsel in criminal cases, a lawyer, legal services, accountant, accounting services, registration, liquidation.

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a) approval of the legal entity name;
b) preparation of all necessary documents from the founder (power of attorney to the representative, other documents) to be possible registration of the company;
a) drafting the charter, protocol decision to establish the company and other documents necessary for the implementation of state registration, project approval documents from the client;
d) making the USR information about registration of the company and the director of the Charter of the legal entity registration, bank account statement of registration, get help management statistics;
e) setting a legal entity registered in the State Tax Service, Pension Fund, general compulsory state social insurance;
f) opening bank accounts;
h) any other actions related to the registration of the enterprise;
i) obtain immediate discharge, or help extract from the USR;
a) registration of amendments to the Charter of the legal entity;
i) registration of the legal entity change location within a region and within the region;
l) liquidation, merger, consolidation, division of legal entities;
m) bankruptcy legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs;

a) representation of clients in commercial, general and administrative courts;
b) instruction sequence of actions, written and oral advice on all areas of law;
c) lawyer, protection of suspects or accused, of victims, civil plaintiffs and defendants in civil pretrial investigation and in court, defense witnesses at the pre-trial investigation;
d) appeal against decision to institute criminal proceedings;
e) appeals, appeals of decisions of the courts;
e) tax Law, appeal actions of officials tax office, appeals to decisions of tax authorities, representing clients in courts in tax disputes;
g) comprehensive legal services;
i) procedural documents;
a) return of duties;
C) registration of personal data;
l) drawing up of contracts;
m) legal audit.

a) collection and production of primary documentation;
b) calculation of optimal tax burden;
c) the creation of a specific law accounting and tax reporting;
d) calculation and payroll staff and training of these wage statements;
e) HR outsourcing;
e) accounting;
i) restoration of accounting;
c) reporting to tax authorities, social insurance and statistics;
a) protection of reporting to regulatory authorities;
j) advising on all matters relating to accounting and taxation;
l) financial Audit (correctness of calculation of taxes, fixed assets, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, etc.)

a) provide verbal and written advice on issues appeal to officials of state authorities, local self-government dispute resolution in illegal actions or inaction of these persons, decision-making and other illegal;
b) legal evaluating the inquiries and inspections conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office, Tax Service, Customs Service, KRU and other regulatory authorities;
c) legal examination regulations, consisting on the results of audits by the Prosecutor’s Office, Tax Service, Customs and other regulatory authorities; preparation of objections and comments to them;
d) appeal against actions and decisions of tax and other fiscal bodies administratively, and if necessary - of judicial review;
e) preparation, applications, petitions, complaints, reports, responses to inquiries and other documents required when applying to government authorities, local authorities, submitting the aforementioned documents and control their passage;
e) representing clients in cooperation with officials of state authorities, local self-government.

You or your family illegally detained by law enforcement agencies? Before you applied physical or mental violence? You have carried out a search or seizure? Before you came to the plant test? You have become a member of the accident? You on the road and stopped traffic police demanding bribes?
Communication with law enforcement officers can occur in a very difficult time for you. However, one should not always rely on the adherence to the letter of the law on their part. However unpleasant surprises possible to prepare - to secure the continued support of qualified human rights. But any experienced lawyer will confirm, quickly respond to the problem - so half to solve it. To increase the efficiency of legal aid our customers Justice Law Firm offers Omnibus emergency call service lawyer. Now the company lawyers will be available not only working, but in working hours and on weekends and holidays.
To call a lawyer come already prepared, ready in minutes to address problems with a mobile office. Lawyers Law Firm Omnibus Justice can provide legal assistance in all cases, communication with law enforcement agencies, including cases of involvement in the administration, questioning as a witness, suspect, accused in a criminal case, the implementation cavity search, reviews, inspections under Article 97 of the Criminal -protsesualnoho Code of Ukraine (regulating verification of the basis for criminal cases), verification of business. To use the service must conclude a legal aid. The existence of such a document in the case of detained fellow police officers facilitates client relationship with law enforcement agencies and allows a lawyer immediately to prepare statements, claims and other documents necessary for the protection, without spending time hasty execution of the agreement on legal aid. In addition, if the desire of law enforcement contact an attorney, call specified in the agreement, they are guaranteed to answer

Welcome to Lviv
Guests Lviv and tourists should be aware that the police, customs and other law enforcement agencies do not always performing their duties, adhere to the rule of law. In addition, travel, especially abroad, is always associated with risk of becoming a victim of extortion, fraud, bodily injury, robbery, etc. What to do then? Where to go? Who to contact?

Maximum mitigate the effects of any ”surprises” associated with violations of the law, and help you avoid them qualified lawyers and attorneys Law Firm Justice Omnibus. We’ll meet you at the place of arrival or at border crossings. Facing - specialist skilled enough to remedy human alien to any third party, government authorities or officials. While talking to you, he will bring you to the attention of the rules of safe behavior in Ukraine and tips for a comfortable stay as much as possible in Ukraine, and to accompany residence.

We will promptly respond and protect your rights and interests throughout the period of stay in Ukraine. In addition, present your interests while interacting with the police, traffic police, customs, Security, prosecutors and others. If necessary, accompany all matters relating to insurance, insurance and the exercise of rights under insurance contracts. If you are a member of the accident - our lawyers will leave in place and provide competent and timely assistance. Also, we will not leave you alone with the problem in case of confusion with the transport of your goods in Ukraine. And if you like or do in Lviv in Ukraine and you decide to buy property here, open the enterprise to invest in our economy we accompany any civil or hospodarsko- legal agreements.

Advertising Information

Sometimes not enough to comply with laws. It is important to achieve compliance with them by other actors: civil servants, public authorities, contractors, your partner, the person with whom you have regular contacts in everyday life.

Our company - a team of young professionals in various fields of law, are always ready to provide expertise and you need assistance for law enforcement, protect your rights in the courts and government agencies, and fulfill your order with legal issues. For our clients we trusted advisers, representatives of which you can always rely on. We help them in all areas of law in personal and professional life.

Justitia Omnibus (Latin) -? means justice for everyone. Our goal is to ensure fairness, justice and the rule of law to anyone who needs it. We are ready to become your reliable assistant and focused on the formation of lasting partnerships.

In our work we follow these principles:
- customer - a partner, which we appreciate and our goal is to effectively assist him. Keeping business and customer privacy. Always remain available to their customers;
- act quickly and effectively. We love challenges. Challenges motivate us to greater efficiency;
- we provide all necessary types of legal and accounting services in one place, saving time and money. If necessary, involve specialists from other areas;
- personal Service. This is a special technique in which our work is built around our customer service, while in each case, the most optimal and unique solution taking into account all the circumstances;
- using innovative technologies in the performance of our tasks. Justice Omnibus - a modern law firm, in their work using the latest technology to help effectively track changes in existing legislation, accelerate execution of orders of our customers and increase our efficiency.

Inside information

Profile edited:Senko Mykola Mykolajovych — director
Check Date:05.10.2018

79059, m. Lviv, vul. Shchurata, 10, k. 35
Actual address:79020, m. Lviv, prosp. Chornovola, 63, of. 214
79020, m. Lviv, prosp. Chornovola, 63, of. 214
Telephone main:(032) 2901838
Contact Phone:(067) 9724350

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Coordinates: 49.858398, 24.019699

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