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79049, m. Lviv, vul. Vernadskogo, 24, k. 53
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Products, services

- publishing services from manuscripts - the book; circulation - 1st instance, layout, decoration.
- printing Services: sheet printing up to A2 format.
- post-print services: binding machines units (milling, side gluing), sewing wire (on the bracket), the bond spring roll lamination, cutting, creasing, numbering.
- production of catalogs and magazines.
- printing of business cards.
- manufacturing of calendars: quarterly, pocket, wall.
- digital full color printing - up to A3.

Advertising information

”Publisher” Bona ” produces and manufactures the most diverse subjects literature - as an art, for the general reader, and thematic. Publisher also issues books commissioned authors provides editorial and publishing services (collection, coding, editing, artwork, making mock-ups, etc.).

Our books that you can purchase in publishing:
1) Maidina Lyudmila: M - 141 Tale clue. - L.: PE ”Publisher ”BONA” 2011. - 36.
Traveling pages of a book, you will find yourself in the magical world of your favorite fairy tales. They know almost verbatim from the mouth of mom or dad, grandma or grandpa. All the heroes of these stories are familiar to you. But again and again want to hear a fairy tale, and eventually read yourself. Consider carefully each picture, it will help to find a solution and recall the tale. So, go on a journey into the country of fairy tales with their favorite characters.
For preschool and primary school age.

2) Maidina Lyudmila: P64 Coloring. Our friends. - M.: OOO ”Publisher” BONA”. 2012. - 12.
Open this little book and you’ll learn about the beautiful animals: dogs, cats and mice. And read about them interesting poems and paint pictures. For preschool and primary school age.

3) Maidina Lyudmila: P64 Coloring. Seasons. - M.: OOO ”Publisher ”BONA” 2012. - 12.
”Seasons” - a book with interesting pictures and extremely melodious rhymes. Paint it and you’ll learn about the four seasons - winter, spring, summer and autumn. A poem to help you imagine and revitalize drawings with colored inks.

4) Maidina Lyudmila: M 14 Soul of my holiday. - M.: OOO ”Publisher” BONA”. 2013 . - 76 p. : Ill.
Traveling pages edition ”Soul of my holiday”, you will learn the traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people. Learn about the most important holidays of the year with the help of poems and short reference.
For middle-school children.

5) Author and Maria Prochanka:
Labor ”Our salvation is” dedicated to all the people who read, pray, confess or not at all interested in Divine truths, laws and the very poor and limited spiritually. To improve each person need only desire and goodwill . The book is a continuation of such works: ”The road to salvation”, ”Our patience”, ”The Miracle of Healing”.
For a wide range of readers.

Publish for readers - this is the basic credo of the publisher. Over the years the ”Publisher” Bona ” grown professionally and has developed a solid reputation in the field of book publishing, has published many new authors and their publications.

What is our advantage?
We promise all our customers honest attitude to their work and always try to fulfill their contractual obligations.



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Legal address
79049, m. Lviv, vul. Vernadskogo, 24, k. 53
Actual address
79053, m. Lviv, vul. Naukova, 5
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