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Look younger and feel more confident now easy. Modern technology Elos-rejuvenation makes skin elastic, smoothes and tightens it. Elos-rejuvenation also lets you forget about:
• wrinkles;
• vascular mesh;
• pigmentation;
• the effects of acne.

Consultation urologist 245 USD ..

RECEPTION WITH VIDEO proctologist Diagnosis 245 EUR.
ADMISSION Dermatologists 245 EUR.

ADMISSION gynecologist 245 EUR. Colposcopy for free.

Services gynecology department of MC ”Oxford Medical”:
• diagnosis and treatment of erosion and cervical dysplasia;
• diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases (gardnerellez, chlamydia, ureaplazmoz, HPV, etc.);
• normalization of menstrual cycle;
• remove the mucous tumors (papillomas, warts);
• maintaining pregnancy.

Of lips 2900 UAH.
Lip Contour using filleriv based on hyaluronic acid:
• Make clearer outline of the lips and expressive;
• increase the lips to the desired size;
• Make symmetrical lips;
• smooth out wrinkles.
Registration for a free consultation cosmetologist at (032) 245 00 00.

slim figure
Procedure anti-cellulite massage and body modeling VelaShape
3 = 5, 3 procedures when paying two procedures in the present

The clinic ”Oxford Medical Lviv” works:

BRANCH Cosmetology:
Laser Hair Removal
• Treatment of rosacea
• Acne Treatment
• Contour
• mesotherapy
• treat excessive sweating
• Contour
• rejuvenating injections

Elos treatments
• Rejuvenation (face, neck, décolleté, hands, lips)
• non-surgical listing

Massage apparatus VELA SHAPE
• Correction of figures
• cellulite treatment
• reducing body volume
• tightening skin and muscles
Cleansing ultrasound, mechanical 400 UAH.

• Removal of papillomas
• Treatment of demodicosis
• treatment of abrasions
• treating seborrhea
• treatment of dermatitis

Advertising Information

non-surgical facelift:

During aging body produces less collagen, thereby reduced skin elasticity. That is why the skin formed small deepen - wrinkles. Get rid of them can help modern facelift procedure - lifting.

The network of international medical clinics ”Oxford Medical” offers a modern and practically painless procedure - non-surgical facelift using hardware cosmetology Elos technology.

correct figures:

About 90 % of women of all ages notice on myself clearly visible appearance of cellulite. Nowadays its treatment is not engaged in only lazy. Pharmacies offer an unlimited number of different remedies for cellulite (creams, wraps, grinding, etc.). Beauty is not inferior in range - it benefits from a vacuum massages, massages bank, roller massage, lymphatic drainage massage, a massage cellulite, wrapping honey, oils, chocolate, seaweed, and sometimes all at once. And do not forget about regular physical activity and exercise!

Of course, anti-cellulite cream combined with massage, and most importantly, your perseverance and long purse stuffed to ever bring the desired result. But all this already yesterday in anti-cellulite program!


Unfortunately, all of us sooner or later faces the first signs of aging. First, it appears on the skin. But the aging of the skin - it’s not just wrinkles, it is - color irregularity, the formation of age spots, enlargement of small blood vessels, increasing the pore, reducing the elasticity and flexibility. These changes are caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays, genetic factors and the environment, diseases of the internal organs and so on.

And now, in the twenty-first century, we wonder - is it possible to cheat nature and stop the aging process ? How to get rid of wrinkles and age spots ? What is the best skin care ?

Of course, time started to use expensive anti-wrinkle cream, peeling, can we stop for a while to look old in the face, but for how long ? What if I still late with skin care ?

New technologies - Candela GentleLase Pro-U
Today there are many devices for laser hair removal hair removal pigmentation and blood vessels on the face and body rejuvenation of the face, but none of them can offer speed and efficiency aleksandrytovoho Laser Candela GentleLase Pro-U, which according to many experts considered a benchmark and as the gold standard of laser hair removal and skin treatment.
Alexandrite laser American company CANDELA GentleLASE - is the most famous in the world of laser that is used for laser hair removal. It is generally accepted ”gold standard” of laser hair removal and in its popularity in the circle of professionals and patients interested in this problem, known, perhaps, as well as famous car brand Mercedes in terms of drivers and motorists.
Candela GentleLase Pro-U - laser is number one in the beauty industry, ideal for laser hair removal and removal of age spots and other pigmented lesions and hemangiomas, rosacea, telangiectasis.
This is the only laser hair removal that enables you to protect the epidermis - or refrigerant cooling air and thus has high power and efficiency.
Quick and powerful machine has unique characteristics: aleksandrytovyy laser Candela GentleLase Pro-U provides results that exceed expectations. Candela has a well known aleksandrytovyy laser for hair removal GentleLase and made it even better.


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Registered address:79019, m. Lviv, prosp. Chornovola, 45a
Actual address:79019, m. Lviv, ave. Chornovil 45a
Telephone main:(032) 2450000
Contact Phone:(050) 2450000


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