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03062m. Kiiv, prosp. Peremogi, 67
Actual address:03062, m. Kyiv, prosp. Peremogy, 67
03062, m. Kyiv, prosp. Peremogy, 67
Telephone main:(050) 3866612

About Company

Head:Vyacheslav Vitalijovych
Year of foundation:1934
Number of employees:6

Banking details

EDRPOU code:37394351

Working hours

Monday: from 09:00 to 18:00
Tuesday: from 09:00 to 18:00
Wednesday: from 09:00 to 18:00
Thursday: from 09:00 to 18:00
Friday: from 09:00 to 18:00
Saturday: from 09:00 to 18:00

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

Implementation of metalworking equipment more than 300 units:
1. Lathe 1K62, 16K20, 16D20, 1M63, 1D63A, 16M05A, DLZ630 (D630/4000), 165, 3-Kuson (D300/1500), the AR-41 (1P371), 1622 (D550 (D20-85) h2500) 1E811
2. Lathe CNC 16A20F3, 1B340F30
3. Jig boring 2E450AF1 (630h1120) 2A450F1, HYDR-8P (SIP), KOVOSVIT
4. Machine drilling 2N118, 2N125, 2A135, 2S132, 2A150, 2532L, 2M55
5. Milling GF2171F3, 6T12, 6R13, VM127, 6M13P
6. Milling FA4V (315h1600) 6N81A, 6V11, 6R83G, 6M83, 6T82G, 6R80, 6A463, 692R
7. Longitudinal grinding MS363F10-2 (1600h5000), HECKERT WMW SZ 1600/1600/4000, «Bileter» (300h1700)
8. Grinding machine 3D725, 3L722V, 3B722, MATRIX BB-636 (355/1220), MATRIX C21 (400h1500) 3D741V (D800), OSH424 (200h1000)
9. OSH-383/183 grinding machine (200/800), 3G71 (200/630), Neumann (280h940), GS-359, SS4E (D300).
10. Machine grinding 3B161 (D280/1000), 3U144, 3M153AF11 (D140/500), 3A130, 3K228, 3283
11. Shaping Machine Lorenz (m5/Dzag.280/hhoda50), 5122, 5140
12. Hobbing 5D32, 5K324, 5S270P, 5S276P, KLINGELNBERG (m: normal 2/7, Allen 3/12, L 42/272)
13. Gear PAC R-63, 5E580, 5033
14. Cross-planing machine 7307D, 7B35
15. Abrasive Cutting Machine 8240
16. Machine grinding 3M636, 3B633, 3B632
18. Press manual
19. Crane lifting force 0,5 t, 1t, 2.5 t, 3, 2t, 5t, 10t, 20t, 30t
20. Crane rail KDE-253
21. Shlitseobrabatyvayuschie 5350A, 3451G
23. Machining center IR500PMF4, IS800PMF4.
24. Press Rue 100 (ERFURT), Rui-160 (ERFURT)
25. Gear Grinding Machine 5V833, 5V835.
26. Shears N5222A
27. Broaching 7B56
29. EDM 4B723M, 4723AF3
30. Diamond grinding 3622, 3622D
31. Sharpening 3M642
32. Circular cutting 8G662F2
33. Tool in the range: mills, cutters, drills, reamers, countersinks, taps, dies, gauges, clamps, broaches, mandrel, measuring tools.
34. Motors, driving screws, machine tool pumps, wheel bearings, handle the FTC, outlets (grounded).

Advertising Information

LLC ”Kiev Machine Tool Plant ” (former factory automated machines it. Gorky ) more than 70 years manufacturing lathes . Currently , the company is now the base for the supply of equipment in the CIS and makes every effort to break into European markets .

Besides manufacturing new CNC models PUB -130 FAB -160 FAB -350 , FAB -600 , SO 101, TAK102 , TAK103 company currently performs overhaul and modernization of machines were in operation (b / y) for the order as universal and CNC .

During the repair of the equipment is performed following scope of work :
1. General Diagnosis , disassembly and deffektovka machine , check the status of items.
2. Design and preparation of technical specifications.
3. Rehabilitation and replacement of units .
4. Grinding base surfaces .
5. Repair of hydraulic, pneumatic , cooling and lubrication systems .
6. Repair of electrical equipment .
7. Installation and replacement of the control system or the DRO . On CNC system set «Siemens», «West Labs» ( Kharkov ), «NCT» ( Hungary) , SC ( St. Petersburg ) .
8. Installation and replacement of modern drives .
9. Assembly and painting.
10. Test the technological limits of accuracy and delivery to the customer ;
11. Warranty and service .

Machine after overhaul conforms exactly according to its data sheet . On overhauled machine guarantee is given 6 months from the date of shipment.

Perform turning, milling , grinding , superfinishing and assembly work .

Inside information

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03062, m. Kiiv, prosp. Peremogi, 67
Actual address:03062, m. Kyiv, prosp. Peremogy, 67
03062, m. Kyiv, prosp. Peremogy, 67
Telephone main:(050) 3866612

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Coordinates: 50.455877,30.407307

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