Registered address:79035m. Lviv, vul. Zelena, 149, korp. 6
Actual address:79035, m. Lviv, vul. Zelena, 149, korp. 6
Telephone main:(067) 6701629

About Company

Year of foundation:2009
Number of employees:45

Banking details

EDRPOU code:37030093

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

- Installation and setting up of industrial equipment;
- Equipment for food production;
- Installation of stainless steel pipes;
- Welding argon;
- Engineering services;
- Production of steel;
- Adjustment works;
- Orbital welding;
- Containers, forfasy, CTC.

Advertising Information

Private Enterprise «Company «Inter-Trade» started its activities as an independent organization in the Ukrainian market in industrial engineering in 2009 m. Lviv.

As a result of the active and dynamic development, to date, the company has achieved recognition not only in Ukraine but also in the territories of such countries as Moldova, Russia and Belarus, zarekomenduvavshy itself as an organization that efficiently and at a reasonable price is working on designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of equipment and steel structures in the food, pharmaceutical, dairy, beer, liquor, oil and fat, confectionery and other industries.

The main activities of our company are:
- Engineering services;
- Design and implementation of turnkey project ”mini brewery”, ”mini brewery”;
- Design and implementation of turnkey project ”mini distillery”;
- Design and implementation of turnkey project ”making cider, kvass”;
- Design and implementation of turnkey project ”concentrate juice production”;
- Design, manufacture and installation of steel structures, namely: Stainless steel railings, fences, roofs, sheds, farms and any metal, stainless and ordinary steel used in the construction of industrial facilities.
- Modernization of pharmaceutical equipment;
- Assembly and dismantling work for the industry.
One of the essential components of our services are assembling and welding stainless pipes, installation of food and pharmaceutical equipment of world and domestic producers, which is used in the market.

Specialists of our company are equipped with modern equipment to perform work on arc welding, orbital welding, orbital pipe cutters, endoscopy control of welding seams.


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Check Date:13.12.2017

Registered address:79035, m. Lviv, vul. Zelena, 149, korp. 6
Actual address:79035, m. Lviv, vul. Zelena, 149, korp. 6
Telephone main:(067) 6701629



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