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32034Khmelnytska obl., Horodotskyi r-n, smt. Sataniv
Telephone main:(067) 3230503
Contact Phone:(098) 0051610

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For a complete treatment offer: Spa resort ( drinking water ”zbruchanskaya” Naftusya type ). Medication (if necessary) Paraffin-ozocerite applications. Bath ( Bern, coniferous, sea, Spa, air massage, hydro massage for the legs, photomagenta laser foot bath). Physiotherapy room ( galvanization and medicinal electrophoresis, UHF amplipuls, ultrasound, UV, radio zero therapy, pulsed magnetic field, darsonvalization). Inhalation ( herbal, oily). Herbal medicine ( diuretic, nephritic, glycoconjugate, thoracic collecting, soothing). The manual massage. The mechanical massage. ECG diagnosis. Blind and duodenal intubation. Laboratory diagnosis. Physiotherapy. Intestinal irrigation. In addition to the services included in the price, offer additional services: underwater shower-massage, gym.


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Head:Syvorih Oksana Viktorivna

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EDRPOU code:34891425

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Check Date:28.11.2019

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