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58023m. Chernivtsi, vul. Ruska, 248M
Telephone main:(0372) 578144

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Head:Bilorosiuk Roman Vasilovich
Bookkeeper:Kononeko Olena Volodimirivna
Number of employees:28

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EDRPOU code:34519228

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

specializes in works on the design, construction, maintenance and treatment of subgrade dams, roads, railways, strengthening and building engineering and artificial structures on the shear and washed out areas with complex geological and hydrological conditions using new technologies to ensure efficient use of funds and Prejudice unsafe operation.

The main areas of activity:
- Geotechnical engineering and geodetic surveys;
- Development of design and estimate documentation;
- Strengthening and stabilization of high embankments and deep cuttings using gabion retaining wall height armohruntovyh
to 40 m (stability calculation is made using specialized software);
- Stabilization of soil erosion, protection against erosion and landslides;
- Strengthening channels and protection of riverbanks and reservoirs, installation of artificial reservoirs;
- Installation of drainage structures, repair and construction of culverts;
- Landscape landscaping areas, installation of artificial reservoirs and water intakes.

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Check Date:30.12.2016

58023, m. Chernivtsi, vul. Ruska, 248M
Telephone main:(0372) 578144

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Coordinates: 48.2723338, 25.9875738

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