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10025m. Zhitomir, vul. Vitruka, 4a
Telephone main:(0412) 448546
Contact Phone:(0412) 341579

Activity of the enterprise


Products, services

Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles


  • 47.30 — Retail fuel
  • 45.20 — Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • 45.32 — Retail sale of parts for motor vehicles
  • 46.12 — The activities of intermediaries in the sale of fuels, ores, metals and industrial chemicals
  • 46.71 — Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products
  • 46.90 — Non-specialized wholesale trade
  • 47.78 — Retail sale of unused goods in specialized stores


Head:Sukhodolskyi Yevhenii Vladyslavovych
Bookkeeper:Bortnichuk Nataliia Borisivna
Number of employees:7

Banking details

EDRPOU code:33649735

Inside information

Check Date:01.03.2019

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Coordinates: 50.2616760,28.7019690

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