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Actual address:03118, Kyiv, Kozatska Str. 114
Telephone main:(044) 4943737
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About Company

Head:Burkivskii Viktor Volodimirovich — director
Year of foundation:1997
Number of employees:51

Banking details

EDRPOU code:33494627

Marketing Information

Trademark:Ebara Pumps, Япония
Trademark:CEME, Италия
Trademark:Sime, Италия
Country imports (I):Италия, Германия, Польша, Швеция, Турция, Китай

Working hours

Monday: from 09:00 to 17:30
Tuesday: from 09:00 to 17:30
Wednesday: from 09:00 to 17:30
Thursday: from 09:00 to 17:30
Friday: from 09:00 to 17:30

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

Import and distribution of equipment for heating, water supply, water treatment, both domestic and industrial applications
- Boilers (Sime, Unical, Beretta, Zoom Boilers)
- Boilers for solid fuel (Sime, Sunsystem Burnit, B-Max)
- Pellet burners (B-Max, Sime)
- Steel panel radiators (Zoom Radiators, EMKO)
- Pumps and Pumping Stations (Ebara, Speroni, Watomo)
- Expansion tanks, pumped storage (Zilmet)
- Pipes and fittings (Hakan, E-Plast, Pexart, General Fittings, APE, Unidelta)
- Solenoid Valves (CEME)
- Accessories for heating systems (General Fittings, Itap, Malgorani, Barberi, Arthermo)
- Pump control (Maniero, Speroni, Sumoto)
- Inverters for pumps (Mac3, Nastec)
- Pumps for cleaning of heat exchangers (Aquamax)
- Water Filtration (Clack, Waterton, Aqua, Aquamax)

Advertising Information

Company”WATTON” - 20 years of experience in heating, water supply, water purification for the industrial and domestic market.

The company is a direct importer of equipment of many manufacturers from the countries of Europe and the USA which have successfully proved themselves on the world market:
- Ebara Industrial Pumps
- Electromagnetic valves CEME
- Zilmet expansion tanks
- Zilmet Hydraulic Accumulators
- Gas boilers Beretta
- Fittings for heating systems General Fittings, Itap, Barberi
- B-Max Pellet burners

When working with ”WATTON”, you will receive the highest quality equipment at the lowest prices!


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Inside information

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Registered address:03118, Kyiv, Kozatska Str. 114
Actual address:03118, Kyiv, Kozatska Str. 114
Telephone main:(044) 4943737
Contact Phone:(067) 7032527, (095) 0565898


Coordinates: 50.398219, 30.497967

Branches, representative offices

Vinnitsa, st. Skaletskogo, 15a
Tel.: (0432) 69-18-71
Fax: (0432) 69-18-91
e-mail: vinnytsia@watton.ua

Dnipro, st. Young Guards 6
tel.: (056) 733-96-30
Fax: (056) 733-96-47
e-mail: dnipro@watton.ua

Odessa, st. Bugaevskaya, 21
Tel.: (0482) 32-16-75
e-mail: odessa@watton.ua

Lviv, st. Gorodok, 174
Tel.: (032) 242-48-68
e-mail: ol@watton.ua

Kharkiv, pr. Moskovsky, 89
tel.: (057) 771-41-16
Fax: (057) 771-41-17
e-mail: kharkiv@watton.ua

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