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79017m. Lviv, vul. Vodoginna, 2, of. 212
Actual address:79017, m. Lviv, vul. Vodoginna, 2, of. 212
Telephone main:(097) 5889177

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I work with the following topics:
- crises and injuries;
- loneliness;
- losses;
- violence;
- psychosomatics;
- relationships;
- anxiety, fears.

Work experience: 9 years. I guarantee confidentiality and psychological secrecy.

For SoftServe employees - a discount on services -10%.
Also, I provide consultations via Skype.

About Company

Psychotherapy is a kind of psychological help aimed at helping people improve their psychological well-being.
Treatment is a practical method of gestalt therapy, which focuses on:
- increased awareness and release of blocked emotions and feelings;
- assignment of responsibility for the choice and life;
- awareness of their own needs and the search for forms of satisfaction.

The therapeutic effect of such a method consists in treating the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client based on trust, safety and acceptance. Gestalt therapy acts as a kind of philosophy of life, which focuses on what is happening here and now (emotions, thoughts, choice and relationships).
Often, the cause of the negative states of man is the inhibition of their own emotions by dividing them into ”good” and ”bad”.

What does a psychotherapeutic session look like?
1. The client negotiates the time and date;
2. Psychotherapeutic meeting - ”session” lasts 50-60 minutes once a week;
3. The work of the therapist is paid by the client. The cost of an hour of work of the therapist is laid down: office lease, experience and cost of training the therapist, his professional skills including supervision, conferences, intensities and individual therapy);
3. At the first session between the client and the therapist, the rules of cooperation, the so-called ”contract”, are discussed. It includes items:
- time;
- payment.
4. All psychotherapeutic activities are carried out within the Ethics Code of the psychologist;
5. Psychotherapeutic sessions can take place at home (in the office) or via Skype or other available video networks.


Head:Maksymets Khrystyna Orestivna — therapist
Year of foundation:2010
Number of employees:1

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EDRPOU code:3262713701

Working hours

Monday: from 09:00 to 20:00
Tuesday: from 09:00 to 20:00
Wednesday: from 09:00 to 20:00
Thursday: from 09:00 to 20:00
Friday: from 09:00 to 20:00
Saturday: from 09:00 to 20:00

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Profile edited:Maksymets Khrystyna Orestivna — Psychologist, psychotherapist
Check Date:20.11.2020

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Coordinates: 49.827670, 24.044416

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