36007, m. Poltava, vul. Zinkivska, 35

Products, services

- repair of scales of all types (automotive, warehousing, dairy, mechanical and electronic);
- repair of pressure gauges technical, oxygen, EKSMO;
- calibration of vertical and horizontal tanks;
- services on metrological support of production in accordance with current normative-technical documents;
- tank cleaning from oil residues;
- maintenance of fuel-distributing columns (petrol, diesel);
- repair meters SHZHU-25 SVSHS-25-25-1,6 PPO, PPO-40;
- modernization columns and meters for remote management of PPH for GPS-Trekker;
- SMDK-50 SMDK 100;
- trimming the inner walls of tanks from oil residues;
- development and production of passport and passport filling the tank under the ”Rules of technical operation of gas stations”;
- metrshtoky, hydrometer, pumps;
- calibration tanks;
- sale and installation of electronic scales;
- sale and installation of electronic scales 40t., 60t., 80t;
- sale and installation of railway scales.

Advertising information

The company ”AGROENTERPRISE-M” for 40 years, provides services of maintenance, overhaul, Assembly, disassembly fuel dispensers for gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as a number of other services.

In the modernization of gas stations we help to carry out these works with the least material costs (repair of existing reservoirs, the division of large tanks with partitions to store several kinds of petroleum products, welding, tank metal dostine housing, replacement of water pipes to plastic, cost-effective treatment facilities, etc.). After our work you will operate the facility which complies with the modern technical, ecological and technological requirements.

Turn to us for help enterprise operating fuel filling points where operation of the equipment does not meet the applicable requirements and standards. We organize work and use technology of execution of works, which allow you to operate your fuel refueling without stopping. Carry out full cycle of works ”turnkey” (replacement of fuel dispensers, equipments of remote control, installation of home the operator for the individual chips with fixation of the discharged fuel is automatically provided documentation, project commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service. Carry out the insulation of storage tanks of fuel oil, alcohol, boiler feed tanks, milk tanks, etc.

The insulation is carried out using the materials individually cut to segment the body of the tank. The connection segments between the joints - ”Mama” - ”Papa”. Fastening to the body of the tank insulation is made using modern materials.


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About company

Code EGRPOU3216711791
Registration date07.04.2012
Update date30.03.2020
Matlash Pavlo Volodymyrovych — director
Year of foundation
Number of employees14 чел.

Work schedule

08:00 — 16:30
08:00 — 16:30
08:00 — 16:30
08:00 — 16:30
08:00 — 16:30
08:00 — 16:30
08:00 — 16:30
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36007, m. Poltava, vul. Zinkivska, 35
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