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46008m. Ternopil, vul. Gaiova, 44a
Telephone main:(0352) 550113
Fax:(0352) 550293

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Head:Romaniuta Oleksandra Eduardivna
Bookkeeper:Karel Igor Andriiovich
Number of employees:40

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EDRPOU code:31914381

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

Flour bakery and higher first grade. It is made from soft wheat, according ISO 3768: 2010

Used for baking different kinds of bread, bakery products, confectionery products, pizza, pancakes, biscuits, dumplings. Flour sold unpacked - flourcars and bagged, packaged in 50, 25, 10 and 5 kg. Flour also razfasovuyetsya in packages weighing 1, 2, 3 lbs.

Flour: Underwear 58-60 units., Gluten 26-28%, 65-90 idk units. Humidity up to 15%

Flour first grade: Underwear 40-50 units., Gluten 27-29%, idk - 65-90 units. Humidity - up to 15%.

Advertising Information

Private enterprise ”WEST-BREAD-sales-2002” is one of the largest suppliers of flour manufactured in the Western region. The high quality of our meal, we provide a stable and reliable cooperation with partners and opens opportunities for new clients throughout Ukraine.

The main focus in the company is manufacturing high quality products. We will be searching, selection and delivery of materials to the best of our way to other regions of Ukraine. Processing of raw materials is carried out by Swiss technology equipment system ”Byuller.” Especially difference that distinguishes this process from other domestic processing technology is the process of passing additional washing and cleaning materials, allowing to reach the highest quality.

Inside information

Check Date:30.12.2016

46008, m. Ternopil, vul. Gaiova, 44a
Telephone main:(0352) 550113
Fax:(0352) 550293

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Coordinates: 49.5388105, 25.61893609

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