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04060m. Kiiv, vul. Rizka, 55a
Actual address:04060, 55a, Ryzka str., Kyiv
04060, 55a, Ryzka str., Kyiv
Telephone main:(044) 4671579
Contact Phone:(050) 3819740

Activity of the enterprise


  • 25.73 — Production of tools
  • 28.29 — Production of machines and equipment of common purpose, n.v.d.g.
  • 31.02 — Manufacture of kitchen furniture
  • 20.59 — Production of chemical products, n.v.d.g.
  • 72.19 — Research and experimental development in other natural sciences and engineering
  • 73.11 — Advertising agencies

Products, services

for all types of steel and pig-iron (iron - carbonaceous alloys)


About Company

Inventions of professor Lebedev V.G.
allow to open up high technologies in domestic terms,
rather than just in the conditions of scientific and productions laboratories.
Works with independed of external sources of energy exothermic facilities do not require professional qualification of welder, appear more comfortable and economical at small volumes, (works out of the specialized bases, the absence of stationary welding facilities and etc.
At works with a PENCIL it is necessary to pay attention to the following:
 Independed of external sources of energy exothermic welding pencil is a new method which is considerably different from the traditional methods of welding and soldering of metals. On the principle of action it is not neither WELDING nor SOLDERING individually.
The method is described as a method of WELDING-SOLDERING for simplicity of analogies.
In it properties and character of co-operation of metals are indeed used both at welding and at soldering.
* The details being welded should be warmed up to the red colour (11000C by the flame of pencil directed in the place of connection;
* if in the place of welding a metal is not be warmed up to red color (11000C), from a welding stitch (solder) does not appear, and in the place of connection there will be a product of combustion as a glassy dross;
* if to the welded details adjoin some other big details, providing the outflow of heat from the place of welding, the welded details may not be warmed up to the required temperature. It is necessary to take into account this factor at the choice of power of pencil (on a diameter) and the storage of its energy (on length);
*at connection of details of different thickness it is necessary anymore to warm up a thick detail. If more thick metal will not be warmed up, a solder appears only on the surface of the warmed up (thin) metal, and details will not be connected by the welded stitch;
* If the stream of fire of pencil is directed on the surface of detail under an angle large what 750, there is a reflection and dispersion of considerable part of thermal energy of pencil. More frequent than all as a result it is not succeeded to warm up a metal to the temperature, providing creation of the welded stitch. Try to send a pencil athwart surfaces of the welded details.
* at welding of hard-tempered steel, take into account that in the place of worming the metal of detail looses the strength and without additional hardening the durability of connection will depend not only on durability of stitch but also on durability of the released metal along a stitch.
* At welding of details of cast-iron, do not forget about fragility of this material, including that at the complicated form of detail and local overheats, the sharp difference of temperatures, can results in tensions and cracks.
* Remember, as well as at any other welding, quality of preparation of surface of details influences on quality of the welded connection. You will get a stitch and at bad treatment, however than denser than detail adjoin to each other before welding, than edges are high-quality treated, the more durable and better there will be the connection.
 At the large volumes of works of repairs, works in the specialized workshops having a stationary welding equipment a pencil is not competitive the traditional methods of welding and cutting of metals.
Possible application domains:
- rescue works ( emergency measures, special rescue measures, militarized and other of subdivision);
- Field repair, including agricultural and other of technique;
- light maintenance in home terms, on summer residences, economies of farmers;
- separate sanitary engineerings works;
- local welding works (grounding, brewing of cracks, temporal fastening, urgent works, stopping by welding of apartments, hatches, safes, etc.)
- possibility of providing of services in welding and cutting of metals, through a pencil (services on summer residences, light maintenance in apartments, private sector, etc.).
Patent holder: professor, doctor of engineering sciences Lebedev, Vladimir Georgievich.
Products of production of company ” Lebedev’s welding pencil “L”Kas” Ltd. TM ELKAS.


Head:Holubovskyi Serhii Volodymyrovych — CEO
Year of foundation:2001
Number of employees:7

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EDRPOU code:31841041

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Monday: from 10 to 18
Tuesday: from 10 to 18
Wednesday: from 10 to 18
Thursday: from 10 to 18
Friday: from 10 to 18
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Sunday: from - to -

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Profile edited:Golubovskii Sergii Volodimirovich — CEO
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04060, m. Kiiv, vul. Rizka, 55a
Actual address:04060, 55a, Ryzka str., Kyiv
04060, 55a, Ryzka str., Kyiv
Telephone main:(044) 4671579
Contact Phone:(050) 3819740
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