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Large format printing
Need more customers? Try banner printing!
For small and medium-sized businesses, this is the primary method of reaching a wide audience.

How to choose a banner? Below are the types of materials the banners are made of, and we will present the most common uses for each type of banner.

Frontlit is one of the most popular materials used in banner production. It is a polyester mesh fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. This material is available in two variants - cast and laminated banners.

A molded banner is a material whose structure is heat-treated during manufacturing, consisting of strong PVC-based fibers. Due to this technological process, the structure of the material is characterized by greater strength.

Laminated banner - differs from the molded banner in that the structure of the material is thinner laminated film made of PVC. Such material is less durable but of sufficient strength for use in outdoor advertising.

Frontlit is available in various grammars from 270 - 900 g / m2. For the production of banners we use banners from 440 g - 550 g / m2. In our printing house we use 440 g / m2 and 510 g / m2. We usually use 440g banners for short events or promotions. In contrast, 510 g will be the best choice because of its high strength while maintaining proper material flexibility.

Cast banner is perfect for:
1. Outdoor advertising;
2. Places that are exposed to wind gusts;
3. Places in direct sunlight;
4. Long-term advertising.

A laminated banner will work well in:
1. Outdoor and indoor advertising;
2. Places with direct fastening;
3. Places with moderate sunlight;
4. Medium-term advertising - up to 1.5 years.

- banner printing;
- printing of MES banner grid;
- printing of stickers;
- Photographic zone printing;
- printing on PVC;
- printing of plates;
- print on canvas Lviv


The Neotone online printing company offers to its clients about 300 types of design paper and the printing of business cards with the following coating (lamination):
- glossy.
Used for extra protection of business cards and gives them a noticeable shine;

- matt.
It is used for additional protection of business cards and gives business cards an elegant and stylish look;

- soft touch.
The cover is soft and gentle to the touch. Soft touch coated business cards give you a sense of the suede and elastic surface of the business cards. These business cards are stylish, modern and original.

- Business cards with foil.
When printing business cards, you can cover the surface of the paper with gold or silver foil, for a more sophisticated look business cards. Gold and silver business cards are guaranteed to be the best presentation of you and your business.

- flyer printing;
- catalog printing;
- booklet printing;
- leaflet printing;
- printing of posters, posters, posters.

The glider pad printing features exceptional durability and aesthetic performance. We guarantee short delivery times, attractive prices and printing on state-of-the-art machines equipped with quality control systems.

Notepads, Gliders, Scrapbooks, Notebooks, Notebooks, Cubes, Diaries - Useful gadgets that allow you to store relevant information, facts, dates, plans. By placing your company logo and other information on each page, you care about promoting your business. It can be a gift for a client or partner. Separate pages usually contain only the logo and basic contact information. The best place for full color printing is a cover.

Usually, branded notebooks with the logo are used for conferences, seminars, lectures, exercises.

Mobile designs:

X banner (or spider banner) is a kind of mobile stand. The lightweight aluminum folding X-shape design makes it easy to install, disassemble and transport the spider banner. Within minutes, you will receive effective advertising visible from afar. Our banners are made of extremely durable material, resistant to weather and damage. They are ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Roll-up booth, (Roll up, banner) - Required advertising gadget for all companies participating in fairs, conferences, exhibitions and all other advertising campaigns. Roll-up is a collapsed banner with a special frame that can be easily folded and expanded according to your needs. It’s a lightweight and portable design that makes it perfect for transportation. What matters is the kind of promotional image you place on the banner itself, as it will be a great visualization of a company, brand or product.

A frame for a Photographic Zone or Press Wall is a chrome tube connected by special fasteners. An image printed on a banner is attached to the frame of these tubes. The image is attached to the frame with plastic ties. Photozone, or Press Wall - affordable designs that are great for conferences, presentations, celebrations of anniversaries, events, weddings and other events. The photographic area will create a great backdrop for your photography and it can show your favorite cartoon or movie characters, nature, themed drawings or a wedding photo zone.

We create the best design for advertising, logo or corporate identity. Your advertising will be visible and effective!
We produce brochures of any complexity.
We will create for you:
- logo;
- brand beech;
- design of printing;
- banner design;
- layout of newspapers, magazines, catalogs.

Advertising information

The advertising company ”NEWTONE” is a team of creative and creative people who will help you to achieve success! We provide qualitative services in design, printing, outdoor advertising, advertising distribution, creation of websites, advertising in social networks.

Why is it profitable for us to work?
- we have the best prices;
- we not only print on paper, we individually advise your business and develop an effective advertising campaign to keep your business up and running;
- we are reliable partners of your business;
- in the case of printing business cards - design business cards - free;
- we deliver polygraphy for free (within the limits of Lviv).

Our main goal is to increase your customers!



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