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82093, Lvivska obl., Starosambirskyj r-n, s. Grozovo
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79007, m. Lviv, vul. Lazarenka, 2, pov. 4, of. 66
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79007, m. Lviv, vul. Lazarenka, 2, pov. 4, of. 66

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Center for the legalization of foreign offers highly qualified language courses (Certificate TESOL), translations, apostille and legalization.

Translation from English translation of the Italian language, translation from Spanish, German translation, translated from Hebrew, translated from Polish, translated from French, Arabic language translation of azerbazhanskoyi language, translation from Czech language translation of the Vietnamese language translation of the Armenian language, translation from Greek, translated from the Georgian language, translation from Danish language translation of the Chinese language translation of the Korean language, translation from Latvian, Lithuanian language translation, translation from Portuguese, translated from the Romanian language, translated from the Turkish language, translated from the Hungarian language, translation from Ukrainian language translation rosiyskkoyi language translation of the Swedish language translation of the Finnish language, translated from Japanese, translated from Bulgarian language, translated from Latin, translation of the Macedonian language translation of the Slovenian language, translation from Serbian language translation of the Slovak language, translation from the Croatian language, translated from Mongolian language translation of the Estonian language, translation from Uzbek language translation of Kazakh language translation of Armyansk language translation of the Turkmen language translation of the Persian language, Hindi, translated from Norwegian and other exotic language.

English translation, the translation into Italian, translated into Spanish, German translation, translated into Hebrew, translated into Polish, translation into French, translation into Arabic, translated into azerbanzhansku language translation into Czech, translation in Vietnamese language, translated into Armenian, translated into Greek translation in Georgian language translation in Danish language translation in Chinese, translated into Korean, translation into Latvian, Lithuanian translation language translation to Portuguese, translated into Romanian, translated into Turkish, translated into Hungarian, Ukrainian translation, Russian translation, translation of the Swedish language, translation into Finnish language, translation into Japanese, translated into Bulgarian language, translation into Latin, translated into Macedonian language, translation into Slovenian language, translation into Serbian language, translation into Slovak language, translated into Croatian, translation into Mongolian, translation into Estonian, translation into Uzbek language translation on the Kazakh language, translation into the language Armyansk translated into Turkmen language translation of the Persian language, Hindi translation, translation in Norwegian

And also to your attention our related services: kurerskoy delivery, layout, typesetting, scanning, copying, editing, repair of computers and office equipment, software configuration and recovery.

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If it exists, we will help you to understand! Our goal is to ensure that you referring to our center received foreign legalization is not only something that is expected and more! Our staff is always ready to help solve the most difficult problems and nayneordynarnishi. Since we are only professionals with extensive experience as much as possible to provide you good quality of service. Privetnoe communication and problem vnykannya a client for the most complete solution of it for us - a duty! Recently organized a young and energetic staff quickly and efficiently to consult on any segment of either translation or language courses and never leave half way to achieve the goal!

Remember: to achieve their goals - put the bar higher!

So achieves the objectives TOGETHER!


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Registration date04.12.2010
Update date13.10.2020
Kokor Lyubomyr Stepanovych — director
Kokor Olga Oleksiivna
Year of foundation
Number of employees5 чел.


ЗГРУ ПАТ КБ ”Приватбанк” в г. Львове
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Legal address
82093, Lvivska obl., Starosambirskyj r-n, s. Grozovo
Actual address
79007, m. Lviv, vul. Lazarenka, 2, pov. 4, of. 66
Postal address
79007, m. Lviv, vul. Lazarenka, 2, pov. 4, of. 66
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