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Gravestones monuments of Ukrainian granite and stucco in Lviv.

”Granit i Marmyr” - is its own production, extensive experience and a team of qualified managers and installers.

We work efficiently, quickly and reliably.

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- Use only high-quality Ukrainian granite.
- We offer a wide range of gravestones monuments in various price categories.
- Make tombstones individual design for your sketches.
- Working with orders of nonstandard sizes.
- We give guarantee for installation work.
- Work officially sign the contract with the customer.
- Provides the ability to order in one of our branches
- Working for cash and cashless payments.

If you are really interested to make the best choice, we encourage you to one of our offices where qualified manager to answer all questions and justify the price of each model gravestone monument. Moreover, combining granite types, modifying the thickness of plates and processing steps will select the product for you. Not regret his time. Welcome! You get a great result. Quality monument - such as you like at a price you can afford.

Your memory - our concern! This phrase best describes the approach to the work of our skilled workers. We will undertake all the concerns of the manufacture and installation of gravestones monument in Ukraine and beyond. You just choose the latest model of gifts for relatives.

Our experience and professionalism + your creative ideas guarantee the creation of unique gravestone monument.


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Registered address:79018, m. Lviv, vul. Smal-Stotskyj, 1, of. 208
Actual address:79018, m. Lviv, vul. Smal-Stotskyj, 1, of. 208
Telephone main:(032) 2902766
Contact Phone:(097) 9225428, (063) 4898548



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