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The Center for Foreign Languages ​​”ABC World” offers all types of translations from / to all foreign languages. Diploma translators have extensive experience working with texts and documents of various subjects: legal, medical, technical, etc.

Agency of Translations ​​”ABC World” renders services:

- translation of any type and level of complexity;
- verbal sequential and simultaneous translation;
- translation of sites;
- placing the stamp ”Apostille” and legalization of documents;
- notarization of translations;
- editing and checking texts.

When you contact us, you will receive translations of the highest quality on time. We carry out urgent translations. Perform computer typing, scanning, printing.

In addition, the Center for Foreign Languages ​​”ABC World” offers courses in English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Italian and other languages ​​for adults, students and children:

- studying and improving foreign languages ​​- spoken, general and specialized;
- for tourists, doctors, lawyers, businessmen;
- preparation for the passing of international examinations for obtaining certificates;
- preparation for external testing.

After the courses are issued certificates.

Educational agency ”ABC World” offers studying abroad for children, students, adults, businessmen. Our partners are language schools in Great Britain, Malta, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic and others.

”Alphabet of the World” invites to summer camps studying foreign languages ​​in Ukraine and abroad. At the Educational and Entertainment Center ”Lightbulbs”. Your kid will have fun and enjoy the time under the supervision of experienced qualified teachers, will study a foreign language in a friendly environment and reveal their talents by drawing, modeling, appliqué, music, dancing. We offer free electives from Polish, German, Spanish, French and other foreign languages. Services of child psychologist, speech therapist, pediatrician. Mini-groups up to 10 people.

Groups are formed:

- full day (08:30-18:30);
- morning (09:00-13:00);
- afternoon (13:00-17:00);
- short-term - early development and pre-school preparation (2 times a week for 1.5 hours).

Educational Center ”ABC World” invites parents to study foreign languages, attending group and individual classes. And also offers services of a private psychologist, speech therapist and consultation of a pediatrician.

”Alphabet of the World” carries out pre-school preparation of children 3-6 years. In the course program:

- English;
- development of speech;
- math;
- logic.

We guarantee: a high level of professionalism, a newest interesting method of learning a foreign language, an individual approach, a flexible system of discounts, communication with native speakers in the language club, which we organize weekly for our listeners, a video review of foreign languages, free trial tests, and more.

For regular customers there is a flexible system of discounts and promotions. Possible cash and cashless settlement.

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Study in mini - groups. Qualified teachers, modern methods, individual attention at an affordable price.

Preparing for exams SET, IELTS and TOEFL.

After the general course - issuing certificates.

Individual language training tailored to your needs.


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