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Proponuyemo building materials from the project building. How often we have to choose? Food, clothing, household appliances, automobile and many more. Building materials are not an exception, since modern technology in developing construction so it does not always have time to watch the news, we will try to help in a variety of modern building materials.? Choose quality building material - this is probably one of the most important tasks for the developer. Without specification of building materials impossible to draft and pass other documentation.? Recently in our country nationals exhibit very high demands on the construction of their houses and cottages, as well as to repair the apartment and building materials are no exception.? Our hope that our help and your prudence will result pozytyvnyy.Bitumna tile - modern, heat-resistant, spectacular soft pokrivlya.M ’which roof with shingles is increasingly in demand around the world - in tropical continents and countries with harsh, cold climates . Such popularity shingles absolutely deserved. Along with excellent aesthetic properties, shingles has several advantages. Yes, shingles is more resistant to moisture accumulation, wind gusts, which allows the manufacturer to provide a longer warranty period for this product is stable size, has improved fire characteristics, has impeccable aesthetic look.? soft roof with shingles consists of several layers of bitumen, base fiberglass and rock chips on top. This baby and provides protection shingles from heat, cold or rain action.? Soft roof retains its original appearance and properties for decades and meets all established standards of fire safety and sanitation.? Variety of shapes and colors to create shingles roof, perfectly appropriate design and style just budynku.Metalocherepytsya? Metal is one of the most durable and reliable materials for the roof, it is ideal for use in harsh climates. Steel sheet metal protected multi-coated different colors. Profile material matches the shape perfectly laid natural cherepytsi.Saydynh - durable and aesthetic cladding budynkuSaydynh popular - and High-quality alternative to facing stone or wood. House-coated siding always looks stylish, comfortable, European. Siding comes with a large range of colors and textures, which makes it possible to make exterior almost exclusive.? Here you can order the shingles and siding any selected color. Our experts always advise the best option siding and soft roof in terms of design of your home.? Call us, we always find that you offer - only high-quality soft roof and siding to finishing the house!

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The quality products of world brands, accompanied with a pleasant service-service

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Vitals (Латвия)
Кентавр (Россия)
CertainTeed (USA)


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Legal address
40000, m. Sumi, vul. Liniina, 24, of. 10
Actual address
m. Sumy, vul. Linijna, 24, of. 10
Postal address
40000, m. Sumy, vul. Linijna, 24, of. 10
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