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Photo — EVERBEST, SHKOLA INTENSYVNOGO VYVCHENNYA ANGLIJSKOI MOVY EverBest Language School offers an intensive study of English in groups and individually from the beginning to the highest levels.

Forms of training:
- basic course for beginners;
- basic course for elementary level students;
- an intensive course for high school students;
- a course for middle and high level students;
- conversational intensive for intermediate listeners;
- conversational and business course;
- conversational course for business communication;
- distance Learning;
- individual and corporate training;
- summer intensive.

We invite you to SpeakingClub! Every Saturday we invite you to visit our spoken courses. We promise a lot of new knowledge, positive emotions and a friendly atmosphere.

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Intensive courses qualitative, fast and accessible will open up opportunities for you to communicate in English! Have you ever studied this language? Have been taught for a long time at a school or university, but now need to speak English to work? Or you already know many rules, but you want to communicate freely without thinking? We have a solution for everyone.

Duration and training methods will allow you to save not only your time but also money. Effective methods of remembering words and 80% of conversational practice at each lesson.

- the training system is intense (2-5 months). One basic course covers all grammar and vocabulary (words) necessary for free communication on everyday topics;
- classes are intense, lively and interesting with the use of audio and video materials and enough conversational practice. It is this form of classes that helps to memorize the material much easier and creates a positive atmosphere in the classroom;
- the textbook outlines the entire course of grammar. The topics are presented briefly and clearly in Ukrainian, which helps the listener to formulate a clear system. Words are divided into topics. Each word has transcription and translation;
- on the disk which is included in the training free set, there is a computer program. With it, you can more easily memorize words, forms of incorrect verbs, as well as practice grammar and correct spelling of words.

The training consists of the main one (where vocabulary and grammar is studied) and a conversational course, which is a compulsory component in our school. This enables all our students to reach a conversational level. During the conversation course, you can listen and view audio and video materials.

The number of listeners in groups of 4 to 7 people.

Full course of studies: 4-5 months.

Upon completion of courses, a Certificate is issued. You get a tutorial and a disc as a gift.

English with EverBest is your way to success!


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Legal address
79005, m. Lviv, vul. Franka, 52
Actual address
79005, m. Lviv, vul. Franka, 52, pov. 2
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