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Photo — RADIUS WARDROBES, INTERIOR PARTITIONS The atelier of furniture ”ROMA” offers:
- radius;
- two-door;
- four-door;
- five-door;
- six-door


- classical;
- modern;
- high-tech

- classical;
- provence;
- modern;
- high-tech

- elegant clothes hangers;
- chests for personal belongings;
- pillows for storing shoes;
- large wall mirror;
- cabinets and shelves.

- bed;
- a chest of drawers;
- a simple closet;
- closet;
- dressing table;
- different bedside tables.

- children’s furniture;
- soft furniture for children;
- beds for children of all ages;
- children’s chairs;
- children’s tables and much more.

- kitchen countertops;
- furniture elements for bathrooms.

We work all over Ukraine, except for the zone of the ATO and Crimea.

Advertising information

Furniture studio ”ROMA” offers professional design and furniture design services for your home and office.

Predators of exclusiveness are trying to add the uniqueness of their dwelling. In search of new forms and ideas, they spend a lot of time and effort. Increasingly, designers, striving to avoid angular geometry, use smoothness of lines in their projects. Especially when it comes to breakdown of space into functional areas. For this purpose, specialists have used the radius partitions for a long time and successfully.
Such designs always look attractive and fresh. They elegantly fit and restrained any style of home interior, and dilute the routine of office space.

Appearing in interiors relatively recently, radius partitions today are well worth the customers, designers and architects. Of course, radius constructions are significantly more expensive than direct, but the price is not important when it comes to creating a personal home, apartment or office that will tell your guests the story of your success.

The procedure for collaborating with the ”ROMA” occurs as follows:
1) Providing the customer with approximate sizes and photos of the place of installation of the product;
2) Harmonization of materials, project and prices in online mode;
3) Departure of the designer directly to the client (within the Western Ukraine is free!), We also invite you to visit our salon and production at the above-mentioned address;
4) Specification, agreement, prepayment in the amount of 20-25%;
4) Manufacturing from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the type of materials and complexity;
5) We provide the customer with a photo, video of the ordered product for payment by the customer of the same product in the amount of 80% of the total cost;
6) Delivery and installation of the product;
7) Final payment according to the previous specification;
8) A gift from the atelier of furniture ROMA.

Main organization

Atelier furniture ”ROMA” m. Ternopil, st. Textile, 32


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