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Photo — STUDIYA KRASY TA ZDOROV’YA TETYANY LUTSYK We provide a wide range of services:
- RF, SMAS lifting;
- laser hair removal;
- contour plastics;
- injections of beauty: injections of botox, mesotherapy, biorevitalization;
- Cosmetologist services: Endoret PRGF plasmotherapy, mechanical, ultrasound, combined face cleansing, facial peeling, problem skin treatment, carbon peeling;
- dermatology: hair loss treatment, trichologist consultation, diagnosis and removal of newborns, dermatoscopy;
- professional shugaring;
- hardware correction of the figure ICOONE;
- 3D facial diagnostics with Dermacheck apparatus;
- selling cosmetics for home skin care.

Also, we have the opportunity to undergo training cours - ”Basic cosmetology” at the school at the studio of beauty and health Tetyana Lutsik.
You have the most effective and hardware methods for face and body care. This theoretical and practical course will enable you to continue to work in the field of aesthetic cosmetology and beauty.
Each student completes on completion of personal certificates for passing the course.

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In the Tetyana Lutsik Beauty and Health Studio there are real professionals with a wealth of experience that will offer you a variety of face and body care services.
The quality of services will satisfy even the most demanding client.

Why choose us exactly:
1) Individual approach to each client;
2) High level of service;
3) Our specialists regularly attend various master classes;
4) The latest equipment;
5) Modern and cozy interior;
6) Reasonable prices.

Want to be beautiful and healthy? Then you are with us!

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Trade marks
Casmara Cosmetics, Filorga
Biologique Recherche
Holy Land cosmetics Laboratories


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Code EGRPOU2721111665
Registration date15.06.2018
Update date02.07.2020
Lutsyk Tetyana Oleksandrivna — director

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