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Photo — SVYATOSLAV, GOTELNO-RESTORANNYJ KOMPLEKS Hotel and restaurant complex ”Sviatoslav” is in a quiet picturesque place, away from the bustle of the city, surrounded by beautiful views.

For your comfortable stay and rest in a four star hotel has 53 class rooms and junior suites 32 double rooms with two separate beds, 17 rooms with one large double bed and 4 suites. Each room is unique - designed in unique colors. The rooms are always hot and cold water, satellite TV, as well as permanent unlimited wireless WiFi internet access.

Restaurant ”Sviatoslav” - the best place for your celebrations - weddings or banquets.
The restaurant seats up to 300 people and a perfectly adapted for the feast and for fun. For you - a large dance floor, energetic music with a huge repertoire of Ukrainian and international music, spacious room, light show, lots of live plants, artificial waterfall with a brook.
The menu offers dishes from different cuisines of the world. Nevertheless, Ukrainian cuisine is the most complete.

Conference hall:
Conference Room ”Sviatoslav” - a brand new, equipped with the latest technology, ultramodern comfortable and stylish room for any measures as: conference, meeting, round table press conference, meeting, seminar, presentation, presentation and etc.
Seating capacity - 100 people.
Also a conference hall ”Sviatoslav” are equipped with projector, screen, powerful audio system, air conditioning and Internet.

- For relaxation and recreation, relaxation and recuperation, there is nothing better for the n bath, as if inviting reject all challenges and enjoy your stay. A poparyvshys - plunge into the icy water, zahartovuyuchys and improving body tone! CI ”Sviatoslav” takes you on a unique n bath, which is hard to find analogues in Ukraine, after bath furnace for special order produced a Finnish company ”TULIKIVI” with soapstone Soapstone, also called ”fire in the stone.”
- What is the Roman bath in ”Sviatoslav”? Our bath - not just steam! This is the place to meet all your requirements. The interior is made in a fine style. There is a large swimming pool, a lounge with leather furniture, TV and DVD-player. Also in the steam room is a bedroom with mirrored ceiling and lots of space to relax. For sufficiently large size bath - while there may relax the company to 10 people, but for your comfort we recommend to relax by 6 people. In addition, the pair is a complete restaurant menu ”Sviatoslav”.
- CI ”Sviatoslav” is another highlight: a large vat under which bred a fire, heating water to over 40 degrees. The water in the tank is saturated with herbs that are extremely beneficial for the body and perfectly clean skin. Poparyvshys in the vat, zanurtys in cold water - and experience the powerful healing effect that gives this procedure!
- Now ”Sviatoslav” there is one thing that will make your leisure time more enjoyable, especially if you connoisseur geometric accuracy and prudent - Russian billiards. The new, professional table, marble slab, professional staffs and layers.
- The fabulous courtyard you will find 6 wooden houses with large tables, calculated from 6 to 10 people. Near houses situated swing, with brook waterfall, a bridge and a small pond, an incredible number of exotic plants from all over the world, a place for barbecue and grills.

- Discover a new modern gym in the CI ”Sviatoslav” - a bright, spacious room filled with a variety of facility for cardio and strength training. Treadmills and Orbitreks, Bicycle and trainer for the major muscle groups, and sports equipment - barbells, dumbbells, hula hupy, rope and others that provide a variety of loads during your workout, the results are fast and visible.
- Playground gives you the opportunity to actively relax! You can play football in any weather and time of day, or work out with a trainer on the tennis court.

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Hotel and restaurant complex «Sviatoslav» - one of the famous and favorite places of Lviv. This place - a great place for a refined and loud celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other important event in your life.

At the hotel «Sviatoslav” is a wonderful restaurant for 300 people, decorated in old Ukrainian style where you hear live music.

In the restaurant is a VIP-room, a lovely open-air courtyard, playground and incredibly beautiful fountain.

In the restaurant you can taste the dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine and serves many other countries.

Additionally, the hotel offers a Roman and Russian sauna, swimming pool, stadium and tennis courts.


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