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We carry all types of notary services:

- The contract of sale apartments;
- The contract of sale of a residential building;
- Contract of sale of land;
- Contract of sale of the vehicle;
- Contract of sale of corporate rights.

- The contract of donation of apartments;
- Agreement granting residential building;
- The contract of donation of land;
- The contract of donation (share capital) of corporate rights.

- The lease of immovable property;
- The lease of movables;
- Agreement pledge;
- Agreement mortgage of immovable property (mortgage);
- Agreement movable property.

- Loan Agreement cash;
- Preliminary agreement;
- The marriage contract;
- The contract of life maintenance;
- Driving covenant.

- Power of Attorney for representation;
- Power of attorney to manage and dispose of the vehicle;
- Power of attorney to dispose of movable / immovable property;
- Power of attorney certified in the manner of substitution;
- Certification of authenticity of signatures;
- Certification of the authenticity of signatures on the charter;
- Certification of the authenticity of signatures on bank card;
- Certification of the authenticity of signatures on application;
- Certification of the authenticity of signatures on the request for consent to the alienation of property by a person;
- Driving facts;
- Certification of fidelity of copies of documents and extracts from them;
- Certification of the accuracy of the translation and the certification of the authenticity of the signature of the translator;
- Execution of writ;
- Execution of protests of bills.

Advertising information

The Notary Public DOVGOPOLOVOY SVETLANY VASILYEVNY You can make all kinds of notarial actions provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

Through its work, we try to provide an individual approach to each client, to find balance and common interests of the parties.

And that’s why many of the issues relating to property, family and property relations, issues related to the disposal of property and inheritance, can be solved within the walls of a notary office without going to court.

We understand that by our actions, qualifications and experience will determine the fate of a particular person, his family, his property.

On assuming office, the notary swears and is committed to always remember and keep the commandments of the notary, the main of which - ”Do no harm!”.


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79007, m. Lviv, vul. Hnatiuk, 12
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