Legal address
79026, m. Lviv, vul. Volodymyra Velykoho, 31
Actual address
03083, m. Kyev, vul. Chervonopraporna, 34
Shak Yurii Yuriiovych — director

Products, services

Polyurethane sealants and construction industry for bonding, sealing, compaction, for industrial flooring, adhesives neoprene contact, mounting, for sandwich panels for post forming, carpentry class D2, D3, D4, for the production of seats for foam and other adhesives for industrial and construction purpose; tape insulation aluminum roof, foam mounting pistol 750 ml, 500 ml of foam cleaner.

Advertising information

The company specializes «EMFI»:
Made of materials that minimize the flow of gases, liquids, heat or cold between the cavity and voids, as well as durability pidvischuyut bearing structures and materials are provided with new and reconstructed on ’objects, which in turn, pidvischuye their internal functional opportunities and comfort.
Made of materials with ’encompassing many different materials firmly and permanently.
Made of materials that lowers All wavelengths in moving and not moving at ’being constructed. This weakens the sounds and noises generated from supporting structures and cavity.
Ecology and safety:
Made of materials that are provided with protection of the environment and safety of use in all areas of production.

Marketing information

Trade marks
EMFI (Франция)


adhesives, sealants

About company

Code EGRPOU20835474
Registration date15.03.1995
Update date13.03.2017

Work schedule

09:00 — 18:00
09:00 — 18:00
09:00 — 18:00
09:00 — 18:00
09:00 — 18:00
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Questions and answers

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine to a legal entity «PSF, TOV» assigned a code 20835474.

Head of the company «PSF, TOV» is Shak Yurii Yuriiovych, according to the data of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine legal address of the company «PSF, TOV» — m. Lviv, vul. Volodymyra Velykoho, 31.

Legal entity status according to the Unified State Register (EDRPOU) — прекращено.
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