82200, Lvivska obl., m. Truskavets, vul. Bilasa, 7a

Products, services

At your service:
- Acceptance of a doctor - medical examination and treatment by a doctor of higher category;
- Private medical facilities (procedures released on the modern equipment of leading world companies);
- Three meals a day ”buffet”; bar is open during the day;
- Zone Wi-Fi access Internet;
- Sauna;
- General analysis and surveys;
- Massage Treatments;
- Procedures for cleansing and detoxification of the body;
- If necessary, additional therapeutic procedures in a spa center ”Medpalas”, which is near;
- Parking;
- Individual approach, coziness and comfort.
Service for an additional charge:
Parking, restaurant, sauna, underwater massage shower, a massage parlor. Salon Janet. Access to the Internet. Laundry and ironing. Vibratory massage, underwater shower massage, hand massage. Transport services, including Transfers from stations Truskavets, Lviv.

About company

Code EGRPOU2082311866
Registration date15.06.2012
Update date14.10.2019
Marta Ilarionivna
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82200, Lvivska obl., m. Truskavets, vul. Bilasa, 7a
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