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10014m. Zhytomyr, vul. Teatralna, 7
Actual address:m. Zhytomyr, vul. Teatralna, 7
Telephone main:(0412) 473086
Contact Phone:(0412) 413390(067) 4101293

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EN: Zhitomir - Ukrainian TV channel. The slogan of the TV channel ”Professionally about the main thing”. According to sociological surveys, the average age of the audience of the TV channel ”City” - 16-54 years. Now the broadcaster has a large correspondent base including partners in the Zhytomyr region, modern digital equipment and broadcast license to broadcast on several Federal TV channels available in many cable and digital networks in the city. Channel UA: Zhitomir can watch not only the residents of Zhytomyr, but also inhabitants of other cities of Ukraine, apartments and houses which have cable TV. On channel go like Ryazan transmission, urban news, and a variety of Federal programs, feature films and much more. The direction of the station’s work UA: Zhitomir - analytical. TV produces original programs. Software editors - full-time employees, noted by many, including national awards for creative achievement. EN: Zhitomir in his work focuses primarily on ordinary citizens, their interests, problems and concerns - it has always been and remains the main priority of our company.


  • 59.20 — The edition of sound recordings
  • 60.10 — Activities in the field of broadcasting
  • 60.20 — Activities in the field of television broadcasting
  • 61.20 — Activities in the field of wireless telecommunications


Head:Bilyk Davyd Hennadiiovych
Bookkeeper:Grinchuk Galina Vasilivna
Number of employees:6

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EDRPOU code:20429745

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Check Date:04.12.2019

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