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25006m. Kirovograd, vul. Pashutinska, 22, k. 37
Telephone main:(0522) 227739

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Head:Koshlatii Yaroslav Anatoliiovich
Bookkeeper:Burilina Irina Viktorivna
Number of employees:4

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EDRPOU code:13760103

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Industry to CTEA

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We offer services for pollination entomophilous crops apiary in the amount of 700 colonies Ukrainian steppe and Carpathian breed bees that make it qualitatively, in time and in full.

We packed honey packaging of different capacity from 30 g to 14 kg. Honey, which is packaged, assembled in the central and southern parts of Ukraine, this honey ”Steppenwolf” and ”Meadow”. These combine the honey aroma and taste of many steppe and forest honey plants (acacia, sainfoin, dandelion, mother and stepmother, nettle, sunflower and many others). Large areas of buckwheat and sunflower allow to receive Monophlore honeys ”Buckwheat” and ”Sunflower”.

We shall harvest honey and its primary processing for export abroad Ukraine. Production facilities allow to process and export up to 200.0 metric tons of honey per month.

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Check Date:30.12.2016

25006, m. Kirovograd, vul. Pashutinska, 22, k. 37
Telephone main:(0522) 227739

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Coordinates: 48.510614, 32.27016939

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