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53280Dnipropetrovska obl., Nikopolskyi r-n, s. Prydniprovske, vul. Dniprobudivska, 68
Telephone main:(0566) 241768
Contact Phone:(050) 8131112
Fax:(0566) 244431

Activity of the enterprise



  • 72.19 — Research and experimental development in other natural sciences and engineering
  • 43.21 — Electric installation work
  • 43.22 — Installation water supply systems, heating and air conditioning
  • 33.12 — Repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment for industrial use
  • 33.20 — Mounting and installation of machinery and equipment
  • 41.20 — Construction of residential and non-residential buildings


Head:Turovskyi Ivan Ivanovych
Number of employees:1

Banking details

EDRPOU code:13423759

Inside information

Check Date:01.12.2017

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