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69069m. Zaporizhzhya, shose Dnipropetrovske, 13
Actual address:69069, m. Zaporizhzhya, vul. Tregubova, 1
Telephone main:(061) 2203298
Contact Phone:(050) 3222728, (061) 2203347

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Head:Lapchuk Vasyl Mykhajlovych — CEO
Bookkeeper:Zagrudna Yulіia Mikolaivna
Year of foundation:1952
Number of employees:473

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EDRPOU code:05755559

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Quality Standards:ISO 9001:2000

Working hours

Monday: from 7-30 to 16-15
Tuesday: from 7-30 to 16-15
Wednesday: from 7-30 to 16-15
Thursday: from 7-30 to 16-15
Friday: from 7-30 to 16-15

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Products, services

Products: chamber one-way service / Transformer / Raz’ediniteli / Transformers meters / switchgear complete switchgear / Services: Installation of high-voltage equipment

Advertising Information

Zaporozhye factory of high voltage equipment known to those skilled energetic objects near and far abroad as a manufacturer of high-voltage equipment, which ensures the transmission and distribution of electricity. Years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-voltage electrical equipment, advanced technology, advanced production equipment, highly qualified specialists, the optimal system of the manufacturing process allow the company to maintain its leading position in the electrical industry.

Products Zaporozhye factory of high voltage equipment provides transmission and distribution in major energy facilities in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries. Products CT ”ZZVA” has long been known in the world and well proven in 38 countries. A large number of orders made in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Hungary, Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, India, China, North Korea, Cuba, Mongolia, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Syria, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and other countries.

CT ”ZZVA” produces the following products:
 - Measuring current transformers (TFRM, TFZM, TFUM, TOM - with oil filling, tog - filled with sulfur hexafluoride) for inclusion in the network voltage from 10 to 1150 kV nominal primary current of 15 to 4000 A;
 - Measuring voltage transformers (ZNMY, ZNOMP, NKF, NKF-M with oil filling, legs - filled with sulfur hexafluoride);
 - Complete switchgear (KM-1F, KM-1FM, KRUV, Crewe RTP, KRUЭ, KRUPЭ) for the voltage 6, 10 and 35 kV, rated currents from 630 to 3150 A AC off 20 and 31.5 kA with malomaslyanymy, vacuum or gas-insulated circuit breakers;
 - Chamber unilateral service (CSR-293, CSR-285) for voltage 6-10 kV, rated currents from 400 to 1000 A with malomaslyanymy or vacuum circuit breakers;
 - Complete transformer substations (KTP) for voltage 6-10/0, 4 kV power transformers 160-400 kVA;
 - Separates (indoor and outdoor installation) (RLN, RLNZ, RVs, EEO, RVF, RVFZ, PPC) for the voltage from 10 to 330 kV, rated currents from 400 to 3150 A.

New KRA series KM-1FM on schematics and functionality can replace KRA series KM-1F, CG-10, CG-10TS and VM-1.
In order to improve the technical level of substation switchgear company conducts their rehabilitation through the replacement of oil switches with the installation of modern relay protection and automation schemes.

At the request of the Customer QD experts ”ZZVA” carry a full range of services for installation and commissioning of equipment supplied, followed serviced in a current maintenance period.
Retaining and enhancing production and test facilities, the plant produces products for advanced technology, modern equipment, with appropriate quality control. Each product passes test in accordance with national and international standards and special customer requirements.

Unique design allows the plant still retain priority in the manufacture of high voltage equipment and to ensure the reliability of the equipment for all voltage classes.
Manufacturing transformers filled with sulfur hexafluoride, and CRO, CSR new series - this is the foundation on which sustainable development will be based enterprises in the new century.
Supporting the brand, the company is struggling for quality products. This confirms the quality system certificate ISO 9001:2000, certified within UkrSePrO (Ukraine), GOST R (Russia), accreditation of RAO ”UES of Russia” and ”RosEnergoAtom” on manufacturing equipment for electric power facilities in Russia.

The quality and reliability of CT ”ZZVA” timing of orders and flexible price policy, qualified personnel and culture of merit will allow customers to evaluate the benefits of cooperation with this company.

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Check Date:07.03.2018

69069, m. Zaporizhzhya, shose Dnipropetrovske, 13
Actual address:69069, m. Zaporizhzhya, vul. Tregubova, 1
Telephone main:(061) 2203298
Contact Phone:(050) 3222728, (061) 2203347

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Coordinates: 47.8668121, 35.05463529

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