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69008m. Zaporizhzhya, PAO ”Zaporozhskyy zavod metallycheskykh konstruktsyy”
Actual address:69008, m. Zaporizhzhia, promzona
m. Zaporizhzhia, Promzona
Telephone main:(061) 2897980
Telephone bookkeeper:(061) 2893566
Contact Phone:(061) 2897984, (061) 2897979
Fax:(061) 2897978 ,

About Company

Head:Shelukhanskii Vitalii Feodorovich — General Director
Bookkeeper:Chaika Olena Oleksiivna
Year of foundation:1936
Number of employees:295
Higher Organization:FERKON HOLDING

Banking details

EDRPOU code:05402588

Marketing Information

Trademark:ЗЗМК. ZZMK
Quality Standards:ІSO 9001: 2001, APІ 650, УкрСЕПРО, РСт
Country of export (E):44 країни

Working hours

Monday: from 07:30 to 16:15
Tuesday: from 07:30 to 16:15
Wednesday: from 07:30 to 16:15
Thursday: from 07:30 to 16:15
Friday: from 07:30 to 16:15

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

Products: welded steel structures common building, industrial, municipal and civil assignment

Advertising Information

Produced according to European quality standards. Tanks can be made on the basis of Ukrainian standards (based on the calculation of loads in accordance with standard ”American Petroleum Institute” API 650) and on the basis of projects submitted by the customer. Possible options in polystovomu performance known in the West, or by rolling aggregated preparations, developed in the Soviet Union and implemented in our company.
   The method of rolling is a progressive variant of construction in comparison with the method polystovoyi assembly and implies a quality automatic welding of separate sheets at the factory, folding them into a roll and sending in this type of customer. This method has several important customer benefits, including:

     - Reducing the time of installation works - about 2.5 times;
     - Reducing the cost of works - 40% (in Ukraine);
     - Improve the reliability of designs while reducing their weight through the use of automatic welding;
     - Reduction of transportation costs;

- Steel structures common building and industrial purposes;
- Architectural forms, silos, storage, etc.;
- Metal oil terminals;
- Steel mill complexes;
- Large diameter pipes (flues, oil and water pipelines, water towers, chimneys variable section, gasholder, etc.);
- Welded steel structures for the needs of utilities;
- Garages, gates, fences, play tanks.

Over the years, from 1936. plant was repeatedly reconstructed to perfection technology, increasing production and improving the quality of products and working conditions. Annual production capacity is 65,000 tons. The company has equipment for making spherical structures sheet thickness of 20 mm.

Great demand is now produced cut-drawn letter, which allows to make decks, fences, increased performance and overall cost of the metal.

Quality provides full input control of materials and operational control of production. The company has certificates UkrSEPRO and PCT. Nearing completion of the implementation of quality management system ISO 9001: 2001.

Quality control of welded joints by using modern X-ray, ultrasound, vacuum devices in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

 All of the above and 47-year experience of successful work in the foreign market (44 countries on all continents) allows us to confidently operate in a difficult competitive environment.

As a result of national competition ”Top Grade” of ”ZZMK” was awarded the diploma of laureate.

Recent projects.

Successfully completed and handed over to the customer 1-I turn to large-scale project on construction of main oil pipeline ”Odessa-Brody” (Odessa marine oil transshipment complex in the port ”Southern” (oil storage tanks: 10 tanks volume 20000m3 floating roof, berth for handling tankers)) . Procured orthotropic plates for the construction of a pier complex in the gas pumping Ilyichevsk commercial port of Odessa. Successfully executed an order to supply tanks for Lviv control pipelines ”Druzhba” (recommendation received Chairman of DBP MN ”Friendship”), for JSC ”Lukoil - Odessa Refinery.” For Illichevsky oil and fat plant containers for transshipment of tropical oils.
Procured for Iraq ”Northern Oil Company” 2 tanks with floating roof volume 23600m3 each. Tanks Novoshakhtinsk Refinery (Russia).

Convenient for transport companies allows direct shipment from the port in Zaporozhye river and sea ports, rail and trucking cost-effective routes.

 At this time, our company conducts extensive measures to consolidate the traditional and introduction to new markets. To this end, we actively use business cooperation with our partners and with gratitude for the invitation to vidklykayemosya joint activities that may involve a wide range of mutual cooperation:
- Participation of our partners in the conclusion of contracts for the supply of our products;
- Dealership and distribution;
- Construction of plants of various capacities for the production of steel (similar to our enterprise);
- Joint investment construction enterprises;
- Other beneficial forms and ways.

Inside information

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69008, m. Zaporizhzhya, PAO ”Zaporozhskyy zavod metallycheskykh konstruktsyy”
Actual address:69008, m. Zaporizhzhia, promzona
m. Zaporizhzhia, Promzona
Telephone main:(061) 2897980
Telephone bookkeeper:(061) 2893566
Contact Phone:(061) 2897984, (061) 2897979
Fax:(061) 2897978 ,

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Coordinates: 47.8389011, 35.1234355

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