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09400Kyivska obl., Stavyshchenskyj r-n, smt. Stavyshche, vul. Radyanska, 8, korp.1
Telephone main:(044) 6451543
Telephone bookkeeper:(04564) 22767
Contact Phone:(044) 6422767
Fax:(044) 6451543

About Company

Head:Smik Vasil Volodimirovich — Chairman of the Board
Bookkeeper:Starovit Mariia Ivanivna
Year of foundation:1994
Number of employees:37

Banking details

EDRPOU code:03744669

Working hours

Monday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Tuesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Wednesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Thursday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Friday: from 08:00 to 17:00

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Advertising Information

P r o in o d i t i:
• Alterations tractors T-150, T-150K, HTZ - 17021 for sale - 120 for installation of the engine YaMZ - 236, YaMZ - 238
• Alterations combines Don - 1500, Polesie-250 (certificate № 37/48-855).
• Renovation of GAZ, ZIL plant in diesel engines D-243, F-245.
• Improving and repairing car Maeda (5320, 5511, 55102, 5410) during installation of the engine YaMZ - 238.
• Repair ensilage harvesters QSS-2, 6 and their assemblies, repair and manufacturing of new grinding drums for them, sharpening and balancing drums.
• Repair and diagnosis of hydraulic HRT 90 DON, CSE-5g, COP-6b, KSK-100.
• Engine A-41, A-01, F-440 F-65, F-240, 245, MD-18, 20,22,62,64,72,31, YAMZ-236, -238, -240 engine KAMAZ, ZIL-65 engines running and the client.
• Professional cleaning blocks, heads and beam engines.
• Repair of root bed block engines D-240, F-65, MD, KAMAZ, ZIL, YaMZ.
• Repair and replacement cartridges bed distribution shafts (engines KAMAZ, YaMZ).
• Repair and adjustment, checking fuel pumps, injectors of all brands of tractors, combines, buses and cars GAZ, ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, kormozbyrach E-281, Ikarus.
• Repair diesel engine connecting rods (YaMZ, MD, D-240, F-65, KAMAZ, ZIL-645).
• Repair of gearbox tractor T 150 and T-150K and running, repairing PTO T-150K.
• Repair of beam front axle MTZ - 80.
• Repair of hydraulic EO 43-21.
• Grinding and polishing crankshafts tractors, combines, trucks and cars and completing liners and gaskets for the head unit.
• Grinding and polishing of indigenous necks crankshaft YaMZ - 240.
• boring and honing liners and cylinder blocks trucks and cars of domestic production (ø 60 to 108).
• Grinding and milling head block (chuhunni, aluminum).
• Repair tool head unit Neway (replacement saddles and valves guides).
• Repair of pneumatic ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, PAZ buses (compressors, taps, valves, brake).
• Repair of hydraulic steering tractor DT-75, MTZ, T-150K, T-70, UMZ.
• Compressor repair ZIL-130, KAMAZ, MAZ, KRAZ.
• Repair Garage Compressor CO-7B, 7A-CO, CO - 2 43, CO - 62 A, GARO 155-2.
• repairs and charge the batteries, making the electrolyte.
• Repair of electrical equipment (generators, starters, magneto).
• Welding of parts made of ferrous metals.
• Repair milking buckets, cans, aluminum milk baths, milking flasks DB-0, 6.
• Repair of carriage D-75, T-150.
• restoring axle arms head engine KAMAZ
• Soldering radiator cooling system of engines.
---------- N and A and is ----------
• auto (available fuel trucks with capacity of 17 m3. Cost of 1 ton / km negotiated).
• Services: - Technical review;
-Current repair of trucks;
-Certified health care professional for before and after view of drivers for owners of vehicles of all types of ownership.
(License for the carriage of goods in Ukraine)

--------- P r o f a is: ---------
• Tractors T-150, T-150K-equipped engines YaMZ - 236, YaMZ - 238.
• ensilage harvesters QSS-2.6.
• Engine of D-108 ED-8-9.
---------- Q r and t th is at least m and n and n and n in N k t ---------
• Available engines:
- D-240, F-65, MD-14, 18, 20, 62, YAMZ-236, 238, 240;
- Starting the engine PD-10, P-350;
- Electrical equipment, fuel equipment;
- CAT T-150, T-150K; units combine harvesters;
- Hydrostatic transmission GTS-90, VOM T-150, MTZ;
- Engine YaMZ-238 converted during the installation to grain
DON-1500 instead of the engine MD-31

Inside information

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Check Date:30.12.2016

09400, Kyivska obl., Stavyshchenskyj r-n, smt. Stavyshche, vul. Radyanska, 8, korp.1
Telephone main:(044) 6451543
Telephone bookkeeper:(04564) 22767
Contact Phone:(044) 6422767
Fax:(044) 6451543

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Coordinates: 49.3873869, 30.2016704

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