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21001m. Vinnytsya, pl. Geroiv Stalingradu, 1
Actual address:21100, m. Vinnytsya, pl. Geroiv Stalingradu, 1
Telephone main:(0432) 273781
Telephone bookkeeper:(0432) 278095
Contact Phone:(0432) 632271, (0432) 632249
Fax:(0432) 278095

About Company

Head:Shershnov Mikola Sergiiovich — director
Bookkeeper:Vishnevska Nina Vasilivna
Year of foundation:1952
Number of employees:370

Banking details

EDRPOU code:01057491

Working hours

Monday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Tuesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Wednesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Thursday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Friday: from 08:00 to 15:45

Enterprise activity

Industry to CTEA

Products, services

Avtostrop container-for bezstropovoho universal admiration among-notonazhnyh containers weighing 3, 5 and 6 tons, with rhymes / head turning to avtostropu-avtostropu to rotate 360 degrees / consignment vibration machine for unloading of bulk cargoes on the gondola - to clean the body gondola after the bulk of cargo unloaded by loose opened ease-abundant hatches / Grapple electrohydraulic Bulk cargo capacity of 2 cubic meters., 4 cubic meters. - for processing bulk vanhtazhiv unload rolling stock and loading of motor vehicles / motor for Grapple Bulk cargo capacity of 1.5 cubic meters. - Unloading and loading of bulk cargo: sand, gravel, gravel / Key to the drain valve device for tank-vikryvannya or close the drain valve instrument of tanks / Lyukopidyomnyk - to close the hatches gondola after unloading including bulk cargo / device for closing hatches gondola - for closing hatches gondola after unloading bulk cargo on elevated tracks / unit for commercial video reviews of cars - to view the inside of the gondola directly from the ground and video reviews gondola that are not on electrified tracks or electrified after blackout and grounding in the established order / Zakrutka cable - for fastening doors of covered wagons, hatches cement and gondola / cable Zakrutka - mount hatches gondola / lock for locking switches bookmarks - bookmarks for circuit switches / castle to save the brake shoes - to preserve the brake shoe by rail to prevent its theft / locking and sealing devices - for sealing wagons, tanks, containers, vehicles and second objects / Scissors Hand - for cutting steel wire rope and a diameter of 6 mm and 10 mm / Dies - for wire wreath, installed on railroad cars and containers / twisted wire - for filling any objects polyethylene and lead seals / Seal Lead diameter 10 mm - Filling collection bags, and storage tanks, with a diameter of 16.5 mm - for filling the empty cars and other objects / metal seals and a photopolymeric composition of equipment Metal - for affixing the prints in clay or Sealing wax for sealing doors of premises, machinery, etc., shall be under the protection, of equipment, - for affixing stamps on documents / Vice filling - filling collection bags, warehouses, tanks lead seal diameter of 10 mm / template for checking linear dimensions of cargo lashing - to control the linear dimensions and diameters of fixing cargo wagons and containers / template to check the angles of inclination of cargo lashing - to determine the angles of inclination to the floor of the wagon stretch marks, obv’yazok, etc., which secure cargo / seal tape, train, calendar - for processing shipping documents, official notes in various documents / device to check the imbalance body trucks and passenger cars - to verify the bias body cargo and passenger carriage in the place of loading freight cars and passenger trains formation in areas of commercial and technical inspection of vehicles at stations / Bolt-plug - for making jumpers and throttle switch connector / transformer boxes to lock - for locking transformer boxes of railway signaling / Connectors rail joints - for electrical connection between a rail links in the joints / Connectors Analog - for electrical connection components of switches and crossings traction power stations on the railway with electric AC traction or autonomous traction. / Key for SHRU Series 5 - to lock that is installed on the relay rack type SHRU-5 / jumper throttling - Connectivity choke-transformers in rail-circle to bypass the AC traction current / transformer boxes and pipe couplings - for electrical connection to rail equipment that is installed in a box for transformers, switches and resistors / jumper cable racks - for electrical connection cable wires, laid on equipment rail circuits with rails / boxes track universal - to accommodate transformers, resistors and other equipment used in schemes rail circuits / Hand - for transportation of various cargo and hand luggage weighing up to 150 kg / Swing for children - for driving on snow children from one to eight years / Safe Metal for custody of securities and other documents

Inside information

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21001, m. Vinnytsya, pl. Geroiv Stalingradu, 1
Actual address:21100, m. Vinnytsya, pl. Geroiv Stalingradu, 1
Telephone main:(0432) 273781
Telephone bookkeeper:(0432) 278095
Contact Phone:(0432) 632271, (0432) 632249
Fax:(0432) 278095

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Coordinates: 49.2394440,28.5091931

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