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79040, m. Lviv, vul. Kurmanovycha, 9
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79052, m. Lviv, A/s 9488
Zub Andrij Yaroslavovych — Director

Products, services

Oscilloscope, frequency counter, generator, voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter, bridge, store, power supply,power meter, spectrum analyzer, Fluke thermometer, temperature calibrator, soldering equipment, frequency response, meter modulation.

Advertising information

PP ”SAHIL” is one of the largest suppliers of the instruments of domestic and foreign production in the Western region of Ukraine and has been supplying equipment throughout the country and the CIS. PP ”Sahil” implements also the full range of measuring instruments and equipment required for accreditation of the measuring laboratory, namely: - line of metal roulette metal - photometer for measuring light intensity - repocop - stopwatch - luftar-dynamometer - dynamometer - Vernier caliper (depth gauge) - set tyre pressure gauges - wrenches roller test bench for braking systems - gas analyzer - opacimeter - sound level meter - a device for measuring light transmission glass and other necessary equipment. In addition, our firm offers to Your attention the following categories of devices: - radiomeasuring - test and measurement - laboratory - panelboard - calibrators of electrical signals, temperature - measuring parameters of electrical networks - zadawac pressure - digital pressure gauge - soldering equipment - industrial furniture - pyrometers (non-contact thermometers) - thermal imaging equipment - thermometers and thermocouples - clamp - measuring physical quantities - virtual instrument - and other. A large range of products we offer meets the needs of both small organizations and the state enterprises, Scientific research Institutes. Taking into account the needs of our customers, a list of equipment that a company is constantly growing. In the section Price lists You can see the availability of items that interest You. In their absence – to order, see mail to us. The prices at us not above, than at manufacturers, due to direct deliveries from factories-manufacturers. But on a number of positions, the best prices. In addition, the price of the instrument includes the cost of delivery in Ukraine and CIS. For regular customers and customers from CIS countries operate a flexible system of discounts. All equipment depending on the class is the warranty from 6 months to 3 years. Also provide post-warranty repairs. If desired, the Customer produced the calibration of instruments in authorities.


About company

Code EGRPOU00227011
Registration date05.12.2006
Update date01.04.2021
Year of foundation

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08:00 — 18:30
08:00 — 18:30
08:00 — 18:30
08:00 — 18:30
08:00 — 18:30
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According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine to a legal entity «ZAKHIDPRYLAD, PP» assigned a code 00227011.

Head of the company «ZAKHIDPRYLAD, PP» is Zub Andrij Yaroslavovych, according to the data of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine legal address of the company «ZAKHIDPRYLAD, PP» — .

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Legal entity status according to the Unified State Register (EDRPOU) — зарегистрировано.
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