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93400Luganska obl., m. Sievierodonetsk, prosp. Tsentralnii, 59
Telephone main:(06452) 27528
Telephone bookkeeper:(06452) 27529
Contact Phone:(050) 2468980(06452) 43217
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The Institute conducts research and development Tor construction work to create for various industries of the following equipment:
- Containers and tanks working under pressure;
- Mixers, hoppers, feeders for bulk and pasty materials and install them;
- Devices with different types of mixing devices up to 63 m3;
- Disk locks, screw conveyors and flow switches multiposition for bulk materials;
- Mills for fine grinding with a fineness of 500 to 0.5 microns (bubbly, ball, finger, hammer, rod, cavitation-abrasive) and install on their basis;
- Equipment and systems for Unloading of bulk materials;
- Hopper of steel and aluminum alloys in volume from 1 to 250 m3;
- Columns, reactors, autoclaves, separators, heat exchangers, air coolers and other technological equipment hardware design for different industries;
- Products, components and plastic parts (tanks and containers made of polyethylene and polyethylene composition lining electroplating baths polyolefins, polyolefin filter elements for different types of filters, high performance screw cap made of polypropylene and other thermoplastics, reinforced and unreinforced gaskets made of PTFE for flanges, bushings made of PTFE plug valves diameters from 15 to 250 mm, ball valves made of thermoplastic nominal bore 50, 80 and 100 mm).

About Company

Areas of activity:
a) the development of vessels and apparatuses capacitive operating pressure of 16 MPa, mixing for bulk and pasty materials, metering and volumetric feeders, shredders for fine grinding to 0.5 mm, devices with mixers, hoppers, valves disk;
 b) development and manufacturing of plastics (reservoirs and containers of thermoplastic, filter elements Filter polyethylene, polyethylene screw cap, ball valves and valves of thermoplastics, details plug valves with PTFE)
c) a technical diagnosis of steel structures, tanks, vessels, vehicles, pipelines, working pressure up to 16 MPa and above, the development of technology of repair equipment, the development of regulations for non-destructive testing, materials, corrosion resistance, welding steel, the development and implementation of methods of corrosion monitoring and electrochemical corrosion protection equipment.


  • 72.19 — Research and experimental development in other natural sciences and engineering
  • 28.14 — Manufacture of taps and valves
  • 28.29 — Production of machines and equipment of common purpose, n.v.d.g.
  • 22.29 — Manufacture of plastic products
  • 46.75 — Wholesale of chemical products
  • 68.20 — Leasing and exploitation of own or leased real estate
  • 71.12 — Activities in the field of engineering, geology and geodesy, provision of technical advice in these areas


Head:Kazachyner Viktor Borysovych — CEO
Bookkeeper:Berezhna Svitlana Viktorivna
Year of foundation:1960
Number of employees:46

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EDRPOU code:00220183

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Check Date:01.02.2019

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Coordinates: 48.9404222, 38.4992405

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