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86108Donetska obl., m. Makiivka, vul. Lykhachova, 60
Actual address:86000, Donetska obl., m. Yasynuvata, vul. Artema, 31
Telephone main:(062) 3322301
Telephone bookkeeper:(0623) 322288
Contact Phone:(062) 2068976(06236) 41599
Fax:(06236) 41599

Activity of the enterprise


Products, services

- Equipment for sinking haulage drifts, development workings in the development of mineral deposits in tunneling civil construction in urban areas.
- Crushing and pnevmozakladochnye complexes stem loaders, drilling rigs unified, oprokidovateli trolleys and other equipment.
- Panel complexes, including caisson type, with different kind.

About Company

Yasinovatskiy machine building plant - Ukrainian production enterprise, which is engaged in the manufacture of tunnelling equipment. The factory offers products from the following categories: • Heading machines. Tunneling equipment that provides the Yasinovatsky engineering plant is designed for sinking sliding drifts, development workings in the development and operation of deposits. • Different mining equipment. Dobelnsgatan and pnevmatikatos systems, truck-stem type, and other mining equipment manufactures of this company. • Systems tunneleprohodchesky. Given the uniqueness of the product, the plant produces tunneleprohodchesky complexes for individual orders, taking into account all the client’s needs. The plant also has the ability to repair shields. A critical reason for our success is flexibility in approach and individual work with each customer. This is reflected in the specifications for each product and pricing policies and payment terms. Not the last role plays and flawless execution of obligations under the warranty maintenance of our products. We always look forward to a fruitful and long term cooperation.


Head:Dotsenko Hennadii Volodymyrovych — director
Year of foundation:1947

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EDRPOU code:00211197

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Coordinates: 48.1356359, 37.89295749

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